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As many of you know, my sense of humor is witty and sarcastic...and often self-deprecating. I mock anyone, and see no reason to exempt myself from such treatment.

Today, I got me good.

One of the new girls was at the front desk making copies. Young, got a nice enough personality and kind of a cute face, though nothing I'm really interested in. New girl, so she doesn't really know me so well. And my wrist was bugging me, so earlier I slipped one of my braces back on to kind of help me through the day. She smiled at me as I approached, since I had to pass the front desk on my way to the front door. And since she doesn't remember all the fun I had with my carpal tunnel, naturally, the first time she sees me in a big bulky brace she asked what was up. Especially since it was a Monday and any number of things could have happened over the weekend.

I was on my way out the door, so I couldn't exactly tell her the whole story. And every time I say that Management took away my office and made me work out of a broom closet for a boss gets kind of pissed. So I just said "It's a long story" and left it at that.

Receptionist chimes in - friendly sort, but old enough to be my grandmother - and adds to that. She's picking on me since we always tease each other back and forth, saying that I must have hurt myself with all that rough sex I've been having. Maybe I should have left it at that, but I instinctively glanced down at my right hand. And by that point I couldn't help but say "Dude. It's my right hand that's all bandaged up." Looked back up at her, and her face was as crimson as my shirt. Hand immediately went over her mouth as if to force the words back down her throat, but she was far too late for that. I forgot exactly what I said, but it was something along the lines of "Couldja try NOT to say stuff like that around the ladies?" XD;

Good thing I was heading out the door. New girl was trying to keep a straight face. Receptionist was so embarrassed I thought she was going to die because all the blood in her entire body was now located in her face. And I stepped out, just bebopping along, until the door closed behind me such that I could bust out laughing.

No. No real point to any of this. Just thought it was funny enough to jot down somewhere. I'll look back at this one day and laugh.
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