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So. Anyone else think McCain screwed the pooch on this whole economic bail-out bill?

No, not talking about the bill itself. Left and Right both bickered, Republicans and Democrats both voted it down, and so forth, and so on. Don't think that either Senator really did much in the Oval Office in their little meeting-thing. Don't think either one really has the right answer.

But the whole "I'm going to suspend my campaign"? Political suicide. Dude's back against the wall now and there's no way for him to win.

Seriously. Guy says that the campaign's on pause so he can get some business done. Independent folks immediately shake their heads, since nothing really changed at all. Nobody suspended or stopped anything. That was just a cheap way of trying to look like he's being the bigger man and doing the right thing, when really it's all talk and no action from someone trying to look like a man of action. And the Dems spin it like, "Dude, if you can't handle more than one thing at a time, then old man needs to go back to the retirement home and play bingo."

Plus plenty of fodder for the late night comics. Dave had the best example. His buddy tells him that he's on the next plane to Washington to go save the day, but then he sticks around another day or two filming interviews? One right across the street at the other CBS studio? Take a look, in case ya missed it:

"I'm feeling like an ugly date. That's what I feel like, I feel like an ugly date. I feel used. I feel cheap. I feel sullied."

Maybe he took a few cheap shots there. Carried the joke out so long that his whining got a little tiresome. But still nailed him pretty well.

All joking aside, it's kind of the LAST thing you should do. Injecting Presidential politics into a very sensitive negotiation where you're desperate for support from the opposing policy. You ain't gonna get too much support from the other side of the aisle that way. And saying you don't have time for a 90-minute debate is a bit much, especially when you want the most powerful position in the free world. Gotta learn to multitask, yo.

Then, the guy goes to Ohio to hit the campaign trail for the campaign he's supposedly put on hold. Key battleground state there, you know. And he's celebrating, taking all the credit for the bill that is simultaneously failing unbeknownst to him. Everyone voted against it. Stock market took it's biggest hit EVER. And unaware of the results of the vote currently underway, here's McCain speaking about how it was all due to him.

Of course, I'm paraphrasing here. But ouch? That one's gotta hurt!

So now, he's married himself to the biggest sinking ship in the fleet. He's championing the cause doomed to fail. Don't mean to pick on the guy, but it was just a really poor move to tie yourself so strongly to something like that. Every single quote about how the economy is strong is coming back to bite him in the ass. Every campaign stop he makes, people are going to remember how he swore that he was putting all that on hold until the economy was fixed (which it definitely won't be in the next five weeks before the election). He seemingly is flailing around while his rival is remaining kind of cool, calm, and collected over it all by comparison. Naturally, others claim Obama isn't doing enough and they may well be right, but public perception shows one guy on an even keel while the other's struggling to tread water.

Seems like a relatively minor thing, perhaps. At least when compared to the stock market crash itself or things like the war in Iraq. But this may well be the "Dean scream" of 2008. What do you guys think?
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