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Writer's Block: Health Care

Is health care a right or a privilege to you?

Short answer? Health care should be a basic right for everybody. Being in good health is a requirement to have LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all of the other rights we're guaranteed.

My political beliefs are a little odd, I admit. I believe that the government should stay out of people's business and shouldn't have much to do with interfering with people's lives. That being said, I'm no anarchist. We do need government and it does serve an important role. I think there's three basic things that a government must do and must be responsible for, as it's the entire point of existing:

Firstly, we need to maintain a strong military force. A government's responsibility is to protect its people from outside threats, and to do that we need to have well-trained and adequately armed soldiers. I don't think we should be "big brother to the world" like the United States currently wants to be, but we do need to protect ourselves first and foremost and do need to assist in multinational efforts in order to maintain stability.

Secondly, a government needs to protect its citizens from one another as well. To do that, they need a strong police force and legal system. Conflicts will always arise, and we need judges to settle arguments. We need police officers to protect us from armed thugs and other violent criminals. And we need prisons to detain these dangerous elements of society. I mostly have this listed here in terms of keeping criminals and other internal threats from threatening innocent civilians, but resolving arguments between people in a fair and unbiased manner is another necessity as this keeps things from descending into chaos.

And thirdly, a government needs to protect its citizens from the other things that could harm them or kill them. It should be a nation's responsibility to keep its people healthy as well as safe. Expensive medical procedures should not be a luxury only for the rich, as if all people are created equal then all people have an equal right to live. You can't put a value on the police or the army, because their value to modern society is far more than any one person can realistically pay for them. And while small co-pays to a doctor is not unreasonable, some of the more expensive treatments and procedures are so pricey that I feel that the government should take the brunt of the cost in much the same way rather than the patient, because otherwise we're putting different values on different lives based on who can actually afford the bill. If the government provided all health care free of charge, then all lives would be saved equally and all diseases cured equally among all people, regardless of race or gender or social standing.

Other than that, the government should keep it's hands off damn near everything. It's simply not Big Brother's business to run all aspects of our lives for us, and almost everything is better handled by ourselves. But matters of life and death like that I'm not only okay with the government running, but would actually prefer this to be the case.
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