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Weekend Update:

Dishes: Washed.
Dishwasher: Cleaned.
Disposal: Also cleaned.
Bills: Paid.
Last year's tax info: Filed. (Finally!)
Pile of receipts from this year: Also sorted and filed.
Groceries: Bought.
Classifieds: Read.
RP entries: Responded to.
Weights: Lifted.
Storage room: Emptied.
ALL stored items: Unpacked and sorted.
Trash (garbage and stuff from storage): All taken out.

AND! A grand total of twenty pounds down from when I started getting in shape end-of-July-ish.

The only downsides? I was kind of hoping to find some buried treasures, either for myself of stuff I could recycle to friends or even yardsale or donate to charity. Turns out that almost everything was filler like old newspapers and textbooks, junk like that nobody would want or could use.

Best thing I found was a few old birthday cards (sans money) from a few of my favorite relatives that have since died, an old picture of me with Coach Russell, and some drawings that I did back in middle school before football, track, weightlifting, honors classes, summer jobs, and the ever-present but ultimately unsuccessful pursuit of girls took up so much of my time.

I suppose the other downside is that while I got everything unpacked, sorted, and all the trash tossed out...I've still got everything that is to be kept scattered about the living room. Mostly stacks of books. I would rather put them all on a bookshelf somewhere, but the only bookshelf I got I'm using as a DVD rack. I think tomorrow I'll pack everything back up until I can order me one of those super-high capacity CD/DVD racks, and then I'll be done until then.
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