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Not much doubt about it

I've always said that the SEC was overall the best conference in college football, year in and year out. And there's usually some loser from one of the other conferences that tries to argue. On top of that it's hard to say such things with any kind of certainty due to the very nature of college athletics. New students enroll every year. Upperclassmen graduate. The teams are almost always in a state of flux. But in the SEC, for every team that falls behind (like Tennessee), you get another (Georgia, LSU) that come on strong as a powerhouse. No matter the circumstances, the SEC is always the conference to beat.

I didn't realize this until just now when they showed the current Top 10 poll. Actually, I was quite aware that we dominated, but didn't actually count up the numbers. FIVE of our teams are ranked nationally in the top TEN. We hold half of the spots by ourselves, with the entire rest of the country combining to fill up the remaining spots. And since there's only twelve teams in the SEC, that means even our middle-of-the-road teams are among the best in the country.

I know the season's young, but the truth is that I kind of have to brag about this now. The reason is that the SEC also has the biggest handicap of all the conferences. Since the majority of each conference's games are played against their own members, that means that most of our games are against these unstoppable SEC teams. After tonight when LSU and Auburn play, that'll take out one of the teams. Next week, Bama will play Georgia and that'll take out another. Each and every week we'll gnaw away at our own numbers, because the only people who can beat us are OURSELVES.

Just be glad that we don't have a playoff system in the NCAA. Otherwise we'd fill up nearly every bracket. At least with the current system the other guys at least have a chance.
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