Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Too Good to be True...

Daytime TV sucks. It's almost like they're punishing housewives and retirees for being at home and not working by forcing them to watch 500 channels all filled with utter garbage. I don't see that too often - usually catch 30 minutes of Headline News during lunch at most - but now that I'm on vacation, it's hard not to at least comment on it.

The worst are probably the courtroom TV shows. They wouldn't be so bad if the judges were calm and objective like unbiased legal professionals, but more often than not the "star" is some bitchy middle-aged woman who treats it more like a trashy "he said, she said" daytime talk show. Not quite as many transvestite midgets as on Springer, but plenty of low-intelligence people bickering and squabbling and the hostess bitching and snapping back at them with her own two cents. Only difference is instead of finding someone guilty in the court of public opinion, these shows actually render binding legal decisions.

I can't stand watching that junk. But! I was flipping channels and stumbled across "The Judge David Show". At least, I think that's what it was. Of course, I did a triple-take and could have sworn that on my old blurry television set that the title read "The Judge Dredd Show".

God, what I wouldn't give to see THAT! XD
Tags: tv
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