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I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. After wiretaps and torturing and everything else we've put up with for the past eight years, I really shouldn't be surprised by anything the Republicans do any more.

But WTF, McCain?

I was already pissed the hell off about the "Well, why didn't he pick Hillary?" attack ad the day after Obama picked Biden. Anyone with a cortex knows why he didn' would be an incredibly stupid move on Obama's part. But still they ran the attack ad not so much to "attack" his personality or question his platform, but just to rile up all the Hillary supporters who were so butthurt after the primaries that some said they'd rather vote Republican than vote for Obama (which is incredibly retarded).

Now, he makes his big VP announcement. And he goes off in left field and picks a woman just for the sake of her having girl parts. I'm sure she's got some political's not like he picked Paris Hilton or anything...but c'mon, people! He picked a woman specifically to rub it in. He's trying to keep Hillary in the spotlight as much as he can, because he can't stand on his own and can't tear Obama down any. His only hope is to keep reminding Hillary's people that Obama is the meanie that didn't put their Messiah on the ticket. His commercials are doing so directly. His choice of a female VP candidate does so indirectly, because everytime someone sees that they're going to remember that "it shoulda been Clinton."

That was a low down, dirty move. And it pisses me the fuck off.
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