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The quickest way to a man's heart is through his breastbone

Sorry about the title. Wanted something vaguely Valentine's Day related, but still completly fucked up in my own special little way. ::smiles::

Anyway, it was a great weekend. Got home kinda late, but still beat lavender_moon there. Back was hurting from the long trip, but what else is new? When I pulled in the driveway, Dad and the dogs were there. I unloaded and went inside. Dad was trying to rewire a pump for the kitchen's fish tank. I tried to talk to him for a while, but he was kinda concentrating at the time, so it didn't go too well. He'd glance up and say something every once in a while, but kept his nose to the grindstone for the most part.

"So Dad, you hear about A.C. Carter?"

"Yeah, tore up something again."


Heh. After he did about all he could do to that electric motor, we actually talked a pretty good while about how Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" was being banned from schools because it was too racist. That had to have been the stupidest thing I heard all weekend. For all of you who haven't read Huck Finn as of yet, it's the story of a Southern boy who helps a slave escape to Missouri. At first, Huck feels guilty, like he's robbing his aunt of his property. He says that he's probably going to Hell for stealing a nigger and helping out those abolitionists. But as he and the runaway slave float up the Mississippi river, they become closer friends till Huck sees that slaves are people too and it's wrong to say that we "own" them. The entire story is about how Jim deserves freedom, and how even the most backwoods redneck country boy can see that after spending a few weeks together. How the fuck can that be racist of all things?

This is the stupidest "racial" book banning since "Uncle Tom's Cabin" got the boot. That book, of course, being one of the key things leading up to the Civil War, the one thing that turned more white people towards the abolitionist cause than any other. And to think that this is "Black History Month". Instead of celebrating their history, it seems like all the PC-minded morons simply want to ignore history at the very least, if not change it completely to make it more socially acceptable.

Anyway, we went on about how absolutely, mind-numbingly stupid that decision was until Laura pulled in from Mississippi. She looked SO damn amazing...I'm surprised that I didn't start drooling puddles all over the kitchen floor. It was pretty late by this point though, so instead of hitting the town as planned we konked out for the night instead.

The next day we slept late. We hopped out of bed at the crack of noon, and Laura made some yummy French Toast for breakfast. We gave each other their V-day presents too, since it was too late to do anything except snore on the 14th by the time we both actually made it in. We cleaned the house up some, and then headed to the Market to see Mom and Pam. By the time we made it there, Dad had gotten off of work and was there as well. Richard and his wife and baby were there too. We hung out for a while, and helped them close. Pam invited us to come hang out at her house, and the whole caravan headed that way, except for Dad who was still in his work clothes. Me and Richard hung out for a while until Pam got there, and then we all talked and munched on cookies and watched part of "the Chase" with Charlie Sheen (mediocre movie at best, but it's worth it just for the scene after the credits stop rolling. Funniest thing I may have ever seen).

I also tried to check up on Mom. She has been sleeping on Pam's couch the past two weeks, doing things around the house so that Pam wouldn't have to. Thing is, she still has three cysts inside her, and under normal circumstances she'd be the one in bed while we took care of her. I know she'd do anythign for Pam, but I also know she's still hurting pretty bad. I tried to ask her about how her health was doing when the two of us was kinda away from everyone else, but she just kinda grunted at me as to say "shut the hell up". I know Pam's a lot worse off right now than Mom is, but I hope she doesn't make herself worse by taking so much care of everyone else in the family that she forgets to look after herself.

We ended up leaving around 7:30 or 8:00. Starving to death, we headed down Airport Boulevard to grab us some burgers and wings. We got there okay, but stayed all of ten seconds before we bolted for the door. The table behind us was full of sloppy drunks. Not the cool to hang out with drunks like Norm from "Cheers", but the screeching, stumbling people on the verge of puking who feel that they have to yell as loud as they can and repeat everything four times to make sure that they were heard. And this is to the person sitting on the stool right beside them...not to a waitress across the room or anything.

Yeah, so we made a run for it. We then headed to China Moon (best Chinese place I've ever eaten at) and raided their buffet. The food there was excellent. Everything was hot and ready for us, so we didn't have to wait for our dinners. We didn't see our favorite waiter there, the one that remembers us and always tells us how cute a couple we are and sits down with us to ask how we're doing. Other than that, the dinner was as perfect as it could have been. It was so nice, quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. That was because there were only two other occupied tables in the entire place. Hooters had maybe that many tables empty, and this was on a non-sports weekend. Of course they would be packed if it were the NFC Playoffs or the NCAA National Championship game or something. At the very least a Braves game. On the way back down Airport, we passed Red Lobster. For a fleeting second Laura was tempted to go in there, but it looked crowded as well. China Moon was nearly vacant. Kinda got the two of us worried. Hopefully this was just a fluke weekend, or perhaps the "all you can eat" crowd had already ransacked the place; it was after 9:00 ya know. But if this is how their weekends usually look, I'm kinda scared that they're going to have to close down. That would majorly suck.

After cracking our fortune cookies, we headed to our bookstore to lounge on the couch and read the calories away. Didn't have much time to do that though, because we got there around ten - just an hour before they close. Also, as it was so late, the employees had already begun vacuuming and the like which made it kind of hard to relax. Nevertheless, we stayed in there until closing, though we were goofing off moreso than actually reading.

By eleven, we were getting worn out. We were planning on going bowling for our V-day date, but instead we decided it was too late and we were just going to crash for the night. Before any of you chide me on how romantic I am taking my fiancee out for a few of bowling for Valentine's Day, don't. That's the kinda girl I have, one that thinks that kind of evening would be really fun. Anyway, we stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up Dad's Birthday cookie-cake, grab some reduced day-after Valantines chocolates, and went to sleep.

Bad thing was that I still had Dad's present, and he was waking up at 5:00am to go to work again. I tried to give it to him on Friday when I got in, telling him that I'd likely not see him the following evening, but he said to wait till Sunday. I got him one of his favorite movies, "The Final Countdown". If we had time I'd watch it with him - another reason why I suggested giving it to him early - but he was on his way to work and wouldn't be back until after I left back for the dorms. Anyway, we ate a slice of cookie, gave him presents and cards, and promptly went back to bed.

Best sleep I may have ever had after we laid back down. A natural insomniac, usually whenever I wake up I'm up until the next night. I was kinda worried about waking up at five in the morning for this very reason. Four hours of sleep + Five hour drive back to Tuscaloosa = not good. Luckily that wasn't the case, and even Laura (the heaviest sleeper known to man) woke up hours before me. I was dead to the world, and it was marvellous. I barely got up in time for the 500, and that was only after several failed attempts by my fiancee to wake me up herself.

Plans were to either leave by noon and listen to the race on MRN Radio, or watch the first half on TV and catch the end on the ride back. Since I slept so late, the first option was obviously out. I was really getting into the race, and didn't want to leave. Not to mention that I still had to wait until my laundry was done before I could head out. (Another wonderful thing about my sweetheart - I got up to start my laundry only to find my dirty clothes were no longer there. Turns out she started those while I was still in the bed). After I heard that the rain from the night before was not going to let up until that afternoon, I dediced I'd wait out the rain and leave after the race was over. That would give me less time to study for my Computer Security test, but it's better than trying to drive back and being caught in a monsoon. Long story short, I half watched the race, half tried to make out with Laura whenever she stopped cleaning the house long enough for me to catch her until it was time for me to go.

We both packed up lickety-split, as Laura had to make it to the Market before they closed since Mom had something for her. Myself, I just wanted to get back with enough time to study a little before sleep time. A quick kiss and our two vehicles were speeding off in seperate directions, the big red truck to the north, and the cute little green car to the south.

The drive back was long and tiring, but okay. Only went through light drizzles this time, and didn't catch any roadblocks like I did on the way home. Not much time to study though - I still haven't unpacked my clothes yet. I called home and then IM'ed laura to let her know I was back okay, caught Sealab 2021, began reading three days of old message board posts and emails, made fun of RJ's beardless self, and then hit the sack yet again. Damn, if only I never had to sleep, I could get so much more done....

Woke up this morning at 7:36, a full hour later than I thought my alarm was set for. thespacecow and I made fun of each other about how neither one of us were really going to get up, despite the fact that both our alarm clocks were ringing. I got up eventually and started studying for the test I had in a few hours. Turns out that it wasn't all that bad. I had no idea on #4a, and 5a and 5b I had to guess. But the rest of them I am sure I got right, except for 7c where I was torn between two conflicting answers. Probably an A, but perhaps a low B. No way of telling, because this professor scales the grades most of the time to make sure that the exam wasn't too hard. IF the class in general tanks it, I'll do exceptionally well. If the curve is small or nonexistant, I'll still do fine. No worries there.

After class, I headed to the BatCave, a comics/gaming store that Jason (E) has been shamelessly promoting and doing his best to help keep in business. I had several stops to make this afternoon, and decided to stop and check things out. Taylor in particular mentioned that they had the cheapest dice ever at that store, so I went in there to buy me a handful. Nothing fancy - at most gaming stores they have some of the fancy glitter dice or marbelized dice or what have you - but at $0.18 each you can't beat it. By comparison, the same dice at Sincere Comics in Mobile would have set you back $0.80 a piece. Dices make me happy. I scooped up a handful of d4's and d6's, mostly because I can't go into a place like that without picking up something, and then headed to my next stop.

Jason also mentioned something about an 80% off book sale in the old Service Merchandice building. For all you T-town residents who read my journal, I definitely recommend that y'all check it out. TONS of discounted books there. They didn't have any of the ones I was looking for in particular, but I still walked out of there with an armload. A biography of Einstein, a book about the Clinton scandals (the ones that the media didn't focus in too heavily on, not the Monica Lewinsky perjury thing), an O'reilly book on Spam and how to stop it, two wedding books (of the seven or so that I was tempted to buy, and even had in my hands through half of the store), a baby-names book that was heartily recommended as an RPG aid, and a book on "worst case scenarios" that teaches you how to jump from a motorcycle to a car and how to wrestle alligators and the like - perfect for when I begin my career as a super hero.

After that, I stopped and bought this year's calendar from Books-A-Million. Yes, I'm aware that it's nearly March already. Didn't get the deal I got two years ago when I picked up the Dahm triplets calendar for less than a buck, but three dollars for a "Far Side" calendar wasn't a bad purchase either. I grabbed some 99-cent chicken samwiches from BK for my lunch/dinner tonight and unloaded my goodies. It was then that I realized that I had actually bought Dad's birthday present last semester and that it was sitting on top of my dresser. Bah. Guess it'll make just as nice of a Father'sDay present. ^_^

Anyway, that was my weekend. Since then, I've listened to my back crunch about a dozen times along what used to be the joints of my spine, and took a quick call from Jason. He's going to be working till seven every night this week, so it looks like our plans to go out and catch Daredevil (Ben Affleck IS NOT "the Man without Fear", damn you!) are off, as well as this weekend's game. Pay no attention to the subliminal message from the proceeding sentance, despite how true it may be.

My back's kinda grumpy at me, so I'm gonna pop some pills and try and relax until tonight. If I'm still not feeling so good, I'll lay on the couch and watch the replay of the interview with the self-proclaimed "Prince of Pedophiles"...I mean, "Prince of Pop" Michael Jackson. If I'm feeling better, maybe I'll go out for a while tonight - jsut have to wait and see.
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