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No Truth in Advertising

I'm reasonably miffed.

I found a local gym, relatively close by, that offered adult gymnastics classes. (Meaning gymnastics classes for adults, not classes where you can bang a gymnast on the parallel bars. Perverts.)

Anyhoo, looked up the web page. Got prices, information, and all that jazz. Been reading over it for a while, and left the page up on my computer to remind myself to check it out in person. Had a few questions and called the front desk over my lunch break today, only to be greeted by some rude old bitch who snapped at me like I was an idiot that didn't know what I was talking about.


Even when I told them that they were advertising for the class, she just yapped that she didn't know of anything like that. Didn't bother to even check or anything. Well, if they aren't offering the class anymore I can accept that, disappointing as that may be, but I suggested that they may wish to update their website if that was the case. She just grunted a "huh?", and when I repeated my suggestion she just said "Sure. Whatever." and hung up the phone on me.

Sigh. My dreams of being a ninja are quickly being dashed.
Tags: stupid people, wannabe ninja
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