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One more micro-rant before I take off...

Cartoon network pulled the scheduled episode of Cowboy Bebop for Wednesday ("Wild Horses") and slapped another one in it's place ("Waltz for Venus"). Why you ask? Because at the very end of that episode, the space shuttle Columbia flies in to save the day.

Before you get all pissy about how I'm so insensitive and how an Anime is more important to me than the lives of seven astronauts....that ain't it. In fact, I've been looking forward to the Columbia episode in particular since the tragedy. Honestly, I doubt that most people even remembered that it was the Columbia that was featured in the show; likely, people just remembered that it was a space shuttle. Personally, I wanted to see that episode because it reminded me of what the Columbia and it's crew were like before the accident. I would much rather remember them as pioneering adventurers, eploring the heavens above than I would remember the ten seconds of CNN footage that they have been showing constantly since then. I want to see the shuttle as it was in it's glory days, not the fireball or the trail of smoke or the random pieces strewn abour Texas.

Long story short? All of this PC bullshit pisses me off. I think it's aburd, and CN's decision to pull that one episode out of the Adult Swim lineup is yet another example of this kind of stupidity.

OK, I'm really gone now. Happy V-day, everybody!
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