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Self High Five!

I almost forgot to mention: I accomplished one of my life goals this past weekend.

I've always wanted to have a "Norm moment". You know, when you walk into a bar and the entire place seems to center around on you. Turns out that I had to work late Friday (anyone surprised?) and ended up being about an hour and a half late to the Friday Night Drinkathon. Perfect time for everyone else to get warmed up, and everyone who had any intent on showing up to already have shown, leaving the rest with little hope of newcomers. Perfect balance of a few people there who know I'm real fun and a lot of new people looking forward to hanging with Nash after hours. We had fun, we boozed, nothing too noteworthy there but I did get my chance to have half the place yell out my name and welcome me like some returning hero.

*scratches it off the master list*

'Nother cool happening as of late: Got a "Tech Support Appreciation Day" e-card yesterday. I wasn't aware such a holiday existed, but in any case, it was pretty awesome to see one of the companies I support get together and say "thanks". Of course, it's the six or seven people in the farthest building that are all really cool people who are always friendly, polite and appreciative. Meanwhile the other two buildings are still fussy that I'm taking so long to get to their requests, blissfully unaware that there's dozens of requests ahead of them in the line they cannot see.

Not quite a home run, but a solid double. I'll gladly take it.
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