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I are virus'ed

Computer viruses do suck. Took me the whole weekend to get back online. And the damned thing is that I knew that file had a payload...accidentally double-clicked on the wrong file and give myself a Trojan. Ah well. Nothing I couldn't fix in good time.

Don't feel like posting much, so I'll keep it brief. Things still suck. Still broke. Still lonely. Still fed up with work. Still stressed. Yadda yadda yadda, same old song and dance.

Despite all that, though, I feel rather content with my lot in life. It's as if a great peace has settled down over me. The sky seems bluer. The sun, brighter. I seem to somehow be able to fit three times as much stuff into a given day. I don't seem to be all that tired - actually, I feel strangely energized even though I still managed to knock out half a dozen tedious chores in the past two days. As well as rebuilding my laptop, of course. And worked out. And watched some anime. And read my Bible and prayed. And a lot of other things that I've been neglecting for too long.

But, all in all a very good weekend. Not often that you see one that's both relaxing and productive but somehow I managed to pull that off.
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