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Better Late Than Never, Right?

I reckon I better go on and make that post about last weekend that I promised ya'll earlier in the week. You know, since it's THURSDAY? And since tomorrow is V-day, I'll have lots more fun stuff to talk about coming back from three days with lavender_moon. Either that or I'll be cramming for them tests I got Monday and

Well, I feel guilty bout putting shit off for this long, but Jason (E) really made a point to be there for me, so I gotta give the man credit. As you all know, Timmie died last Monday, and I missed half of last week because if it. I originally had made plans with Jason to come over and hang out later that week. Since I knew I'd be going back down to Mobile, I called him up and let him know that I'd be gone. He wasn't there, so I left him a message, packed up, and headed back down Highway 43.

Anyway, once we got back on Friday, thespacecow was talking about Jason's weekly D&D game, "Hero's Path". We missed last weekend cause Jason was busy doing other things, so we were already looking forward to Saturday. Plus, with something so horribly sad happening so recently, I really couldn't blame the guy for having something fun and relaxing to look forward to. Sometimes ya need that light at the end of the tunnel to keep from getting horribly depressed. Anyway, RJ asked me about Jason's schedule, making sure that we were just missing last weekend and this weekend (Valentine's Day Weekend), and not the one imbetween as well. I told him that I'd ask Jason next time I talked to him.

Well, he called up later that night, seeing if we were back in town yet. He asked me about what happened and offered me his condolences. After telling him all about that, I passed along RJ's message to ask him whether or not the game was still on. He paused for a second. I continued, not really thinking. I told him how RJ had been looking forward to it all week, and especially now that all Hell had broken loose down in Mobile. Jason quickly responded, "Why yeah, of course we're running!" Had I not been so upset myself, I likely would have caught on at the time.

Anyway, the next day was Saturday. Me and RJ were lounging around the apartment, resting up from what had been an emotionally draining week. We were casually chatting about what we were going to do, who we'd have to go talk to, what feat RJ should buy at level 3, and so on. Ok, it's time to go now. But RJ can't seem to get a hold of harvestworker, who was playing the cleric. RJ tried to call back on the room phone, while I called Jason up on my cell. He assured us that the game would still be on, whether or not everyone else showed up. Usually he doesn't like to run with only half of the party, as it causes problems. This goes double when there's no cleric around. Hints number two and three. So far: Jason 3, Confuzzled ol' me 0.

Since the game was on either way, Me and RJ swung by New Hall to see if Derrick was there. I sat out in the car, while RJ hopped from his room to his friend's room to the room they sometimes hang out at down the hall. Eventually he caught up with him, and asked him isn't he still coming. His reply was that he and some friends were actually about to go out and grab some pizza. Perfectly understandable - it's easy to forget a game when there's a break in the schedule like there was the weekend before. RJ entheusiactically replied "but we're going into the temple! with the stormbringer of Talos! lots of cool new toys!" Then, one of his female friends asked RJ about their plans that night.


RJ was pretty confused. Apparently, he promised to go to some kind of concert thing that night, and even though he already had plans with us, a promise is a promise. Our family's just like that. The fact that he mentioned that this particular girl was wearing knee-high leather boots and a particularly short skirt was explanbation enough how he somehow promised something that he didn't even remember hearing before. I know all too well the hypnotic powers of girls in can just ask lavender_moon if ya don't believe me. ::smiles::

RJ called Jason from the New Hall phone and let him know the plans. Unfortunately, the phone in there has a time limit (kind of odd, if you ask me) and it hung up on them abruptly. Before they lost the connection though, Jason said fine, he'll jsut run Shadowrun for me, Taylor, and Dylan. (If you're curious as to who Dylan is, look at the Anime group pic I posted the other day. He's the guy with the glasses just behind me. Looks exactly like him in the face...just put that face on a gangly 90-lb body and that's Dylan). RJ also asked me to tell Jason about why he suddenly had to skip out (which I did) and about the phone having a time limit (which I forgot). Sorry. >_<

So, RJ dropped me off at the Truck, and I fired up "the big red machine" and headed up to Northport. Yes, my Truck is cool enough to warrant it's own capital letter. Deal with it.

Anyway, I got there and finally found out that there Jason hadn't been planning on running that day. He didn't know how long we'd be out of town, so he had called the game completely. However, when he heard me on the phone, he wanted to try to throw a little somethign together to help out. No one can make things better, but he said that as a friend the least he can do is entertain me while I'm upset. Especially after hearing how we've been looking forward to it even before Timmie died, and especially afterwards. So, after work on Friday he whipped up an entiure scenerio, complete with multi-level dungeon. He also had to work Saturday until either 3:00 or 3:30, so he prolly spent that entire day working on that session. And then ten minutes before I show up, we told him that 2 out of the 3 of us wouldn't be showing up, so now he has to think of something for us to do in Shadowrun. ::chuckles::

Anyway, I get there. Dylan is sitting on the couch rolling up his character. (Taylor and I already had ours from before). Oddly enough, Taylor wasn't there. He doesn't have much fo a life outside of watching Anime and gaming, so he is almost always the first one there. Except for when Jason tells me that the game's at 5 but I can come over at 3 to just hang out, which I often do. Jason called over there, and finds out that Taylor decided to run his *own* game that weekend. I had no idea that Taylor ran his own game...judging by how his character acts in Jason's game, I was surprised that he'd be up for the challenge. Simple explanation for that, really; his game picked up all of the people no longer invited to Jason's games, the folks that no one really wanted to game with. =P

"Ooookay...even Taylor, the one who is almost always available, had to bail out on me" was Jason's startled response. But since I was still sitting there on the couch, he was determined to start just us two off with Shadowrun. That was, until Dylan couldn't decide what to do with his character and didn't feel like playing once he finally worked everything out. I was okay with just calling it a day, but Jason was bound and determined for somethign to happen. That's why he was so matter how badly things went wrong, he still made every effort to do something specifically for me.

Part of the discussion was that if we were going to game, we'd need to grab some food first. By the time we got back, there wouldn't be all that much time to game, not to mention the fact that an already drowsy Dylan would be passed out once his belly was full. So, we decided to grab some Cici's Pizza instead. Was nice to get out, admittedly. Wasn't nice to be stuck in there with 800 other people. Everyone in Tuscaloosa County musta been in there that night. The employees would put down a pizza, and it would be gone within seconds. Quite literally. When I went through the line, the only thing there was three slices of cheese pizza, two slices of spinnach pizza, and one slice of veggie lovers. Had fun, but it didn't exactly go according to plan, either.

I was just about to head back to the dorms by this point, but Jason stopped and rented two movies, which is kinda unuaual for him. He's all about saving some cash, but despite that he rented not one but two different flicks. So, instead of him kicking us out by nine like he had originally said, we stayed over there till one in the morning watching movies and a few episodes of late-nite Adult Swim cartoons. Also, he gave me and RJ a "sympathy" card, signed by Jason, Taylor, Al, Karen, and Dylan. Tres cool.

I guess it was nothing all that major in the end, but just knowing that someone was willing to go through all that kinda effort just to cheer you up really means something to me. Jason didn't have to do any of that...I was fully expecting to call it a night once we heard that Taylor wasn't showing. Yeah, Jason might be kinda quiet at times and not the out-and-about socialite that some folks are, but damned if he doesn't know how to treat his buddieds. Thanks again, big guy. ^_^
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