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Captain Obvious, here to state that which should be common sense to all!

The news blurb on the front page states "busier hurricane season expected." Considering that we had, what....ZERO storms make landfall in the past two years? I'm thinking that it's a pretty safe bet. Take it from a former storm-chaser, and someone who's dad works in a roofing buisness that's on the verge of going under.

Seriously, I wish that I could make such profound statements and have them considered to be front-page newsworthy. "Cute kittens are cute." "People who drive too fast more likely to die in fiery vehicular explosions." "Drinking discovered to lead to hangovers, hookups with fugly coworkers, unwanted pregnancies." "Fire is hot. Like, really hot." And so on.

And to think that people actually get paid for such nonsense.
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