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I really should post here more often. Not sure why I don't...just out of routine, I guess. I'll try to be better about that, as well as try to start logging onto AIM more often as I've been saying I would for weeks now.

It does suck, though. I can think of things I wanted to say as far back as October, just never got around to putting thoughts to paper. Or to electronic media, rather. Ah well.

In short, I'm just tired. New guy at work? Quit before he was fired. Good thing, cause he was useless. New girl just started a week ago - she's supposed to be my equal, same title and everything. Her previous experience before this was that she used to have a yarn shop. Yeah. So instead of just doing everything myself, I'm having to still do everything myself but only have half the time to do so, since I'm trying to train her from the ground up. Sigh.

I hate doing nothing but complaining about work, but for at least another two weeks, I'm stuck working over nearly every night and gotta work the weekend as well. Not a lot of time for much else. Though in a bit of good news, Big Daddy Cool's not quite so big - I managed to trim ten pounds in the past month and a half. Not too bad, especially considering that I'm still cheating with fast food and snacks from the vending machine at work, mainly due to the long hours I keep. It's a start, but enough motivation for me to not only keep going but to cut back on so many rules violations. Now, just gotta make myself start working out again on a regular basis to supplement this.

And try not to think about the case of Cadburry eggs I've got hidden away. (Bad timing, but those things are only once a year. Gotta stockpile them if they're going to last till next Easter...)

Going to the doctors today. The quack that I've been seeing for my hands had the bright idea to do nothing and hope it all went away. It didn't. No treatment, no drugs, no change. At least it's no worse, though. I think he held the same opinion when it came to me. He's ignoring me by not scheduling my follow-up. He's probably thinking that I'll go away. So I decided that I'm going to walk in this morning; it's a walk-in clinic, so hopefully I won't catch him too off-guard.

And I suppose that's about it. Till next time.
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