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I'll think up a witty subject next time, all right?

Got to sleep late today. Body still woke up at 6am, though. Guess it was used to all them 5am go times. So I popped a sleep pill and dozed back off. Finally got up, but was half-asleep all day. Replied to some RP posts for the first time in way too long, but other than that I didn't do a thing. Too tired...even though my eyes were open, I didn't really wake up fully until time to leave.

Work, it kind of sucked today. I almost wish the first two days failed miserably, because then we'd have time to adapt and improvise. Instead, today's the day we ran into tons of issues - and since we got started at 1pm, we were already short on time. So we pushed ourselves pretty hard tonight, no doubt. And gotta show early tomorrow before the rest of the employees get there to finish up. *isn't looking forward to it at all*

And now, a meme because I'm wore out and don't feel like posting much at the moment. And because I love memes like this.

From hagiel:

Ever wonder which characters your friends find you similar to? Well, I'm asking you who I remind you of. Characters can be from any fandom, list as many as you can think of, along with reasons why. Then repost this to your own journal, and see what characters people relate you to.

(This should be interesting...)
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