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WWJD: What Would Jayne Do?

(Note to self: I *so* should turn that title into an icon of some sort) XD

Got tired of the same old shit, and decided to grow me out a goatee. Besides, everyone knows that's almost a requirement if you're gonna be a biker or bouncer or badass or evil twin...just about anything cool, really. Decided it just wasn't my style bein' so damned clean-cut all the time despite having to look "professional" and thus not bein' able to grow my hair out to the rocker length it was back in college, the way I normally prefer it.

I mean, next to the pitch black headbanger look, what's more stereotypically "tough guy" than that?

Apparently, I was wrong. 0_o;

VP comes up to me and makes note of it. Not that I really cared what he said, since there ain't nothing about that in the dress code or nothing, but still, I was curious as to what he'd say. Apparently, he thinks I look smarter. Asked if my "professor's beard" was helping me to figure out any of these problems that's been plaguing the Go Live of our new computer system. Erm, okay...?

Little later on, I'm making small talk with the secretary at the front desk. Just being social and friendly, cause she's one of the cool but quiet types and as one of the lowest folks on the totem pole, I damn sure ain't gonna ignore or walk all over my friends in low places like everyone else seems to do (because they're "just a secretary"). I think I jokingly said something about whoops, I'm one minute late signing back in from lunch. Her response? I shouldn't worry about it because someone with an angelic face like mine can probably get out of all sorts of trouble.

The fuck?

Nothing sexual there, I know, cause she's old enough to be my mother. Actually, she's older than my mother if I remember correctly. But either way, it just seemed kinda weird that the comment was made when I walked in wearing mirrored shades, hair a little shaggy and in need of a trim, and the new fu man chu instead of earlier when I was all clean-cut, neat and professional from just starting a brand new job. Unless there's some Patron Saint of Asskicking that I don't know about?

Jeez. Guess I don't know much about stereotypes, huh? XD
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