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Way too much shit going down right now. Too much stress. No relief. No rest in sight. And this ain't gonna get better no time soon.

The million-dollar project I've been working on since March gets turned on and put into production next Friday. Less than ten days out now, so definitely crunch time. Got way too much to do already, plus I just had no less than THREE more projects randomly get decided that they need to be finished by the 19th as well. But they all got to get done, plus my certification exams, plus the last of the repairs to the system to fix the remaining bugs before we turn it all on, plus moving all the old data into the new system, plus my regular job. (You know, the one that everyone's complaining about because it's taking me so much longer to handle tech support requests than usual. It seems my months of hard work up until now not only aren't being rewarded, but are coming back to haunt me because everyone's now expecting things to be fixed within an hour or two at the most.)

Life in general's pretty much on pause. I'm having to stay late almost every night, and recently began showing up early as well. This all on top of skipping all my breaks to keep working. Bout to start working weekends, too. And my "office space" (a term I use very loosely, as I'm basically a squatter living in the Server Room for lack of a desk of my own) has now been filled up with several more boxes and a whole 'nother rack, leaving me in the most cramped, borderline-claustrophobic conditions I've ever been forced into.

But you know what? I don't care. I just. Don't. Care.

I swear, I must be part Saiyan or something. Minus the whole badass flaming aura and everything. The more things like this threaten to kick my ass, the more hardcore I get. HARDCORE I say. Shit like this happens and I just bow up and get ready to rip, claw, and tear my way through it however I can. Survival instinct at its finest. Everyone else is breaking down and on the verge of freaking out, and here I am, all but screaming for them to just bring it. Only downside is that I'm in such serious stone-cold killer mode that I'm not bothering to be polite. Just show up, kick ass, and move on to the next thing on my list of shit to do. 'Nuff said.

Never give up. Never say die. Never surrender.

Linking to Shonen Bushido because I damn well can. Bout how I feel at the moment. But despite it all, after everything has been said and done, I'll still be standing there amongst the ashes with a sadistic grin on my face wondering just what the hell is next.
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