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This weekend has been so wonderfully lazy. I haven't felt this relaxed in the longest time. Even got to sleep late. Both days, even. Not by choice but rather...I dunno, first time I've been able to turn my brain off and all. Even when I did wake up I felt so relaxed I just laid in bed for another hour, just comfortable and content. Dozed off in the recliner a time or two as well, when I wasn't hanging at Waffle House or watchin' LSU and Florida play what'll prolly be the best damn game all season. (Doubly so with USC losing as well, proving what I've been saying all along.) Called my folks, played a few video games, watched football and car races, basically didn't do anything at all but still managed to fit in a Bible study, two loads of laundry, and a biweekly shopping trip. Still just sittin' here chillin' though. Didn't think it was even possible to unwind like this. Good times.
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