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Tonight? Is Saturday night. And that can only mean one thing: Let's get Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrready to Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumbleeeeeeeeeee!

First bout? Cintron beat the snot out of Matthysse. Best KO I've seen in years. Uppercut stood him straight up - shot up like a Pop Tart coming out of a toaster. Then he got NAILED in the side of the head so hard I think it just voided my TV's warranty. 0_o;

Next up was Gatti's big comeback fight against Gomez (from The Contender). All the Contender guys have been jokes once off the show and facing against "real" boxers. Peter Manfredo's most recent fight, fer'instance. I was a big fan of The Contender Season One, but they just can't seem to cut it against anyone else in their weight class. But Gomez is a hard-headed little bulldog that won't ever give up, and that's why I thought the fight would be interesting. Still knew that he was an underdog, especially in Gatti's hometown, but I gave him a fair shot to win by split decision.

Well, that didn't happen.

Gomez dominated from the opening bell, and beat him like a drum until he finally busted his face wide open in the seventh. I'd never have picked him to win by KO - on points, sure, but not like that. But DAMN was it impressive! Not quite as impressive, though, as how humble and respectful he was after such a big win. That's the true mark of a champion, right there, whether it's in boxing or football or business or anything else.

And the funniest thing was all the pre-fight hype about Gatti starting his big comeback, how his career was just now entering it's twilight phase, and how he was so ready for this fight. He picked this one out especially because Gomez would be so easily beatable, and that he had no plans to retire. Said he's still got a lot of good fights left in him.

After tonight? Enough of that shit...I ain't built for this kind of abuse.

Hats off to one helluva fighter on his way out, but also to two kickass fights in general. The third and main event wasn't so spectacular, but if anyone's interested the first two bouts are definitely worth catching on tomorrow's rebroadcast. (Hell, I could watch that Cintron knockout on infinite loop for the rest of the night, if that were available...)
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