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Friday? Continuation of last week's suckage. Amplified by the fact that bossman wanted all open tasks finished before the weekend. Yes, that's right...ALL of them. Including Especially the ones that would take several days to complete and the ones we currently don't have the hardware to do. *headdesk* Though, to my credit, I used a slight bit of trickeration to get him to admit that my bigass project couldn't be completed in time, and have him postpone it himself rather than me suddenly stopping working on it to pursue other ones that I could finish up. Nothing immoral, just choosing my words carefully such that he was left with no way to avoid the obvious truth.

Saturday? Woke up and watched boxing with my parents. Senseless violence is the best way to start any new day. Got a call from James reminding me that Oozeball was today. A dozen college students knee-to-waist-deep in mud, sloshing around and competing in a multi-team double-elimination volleyball tourney? Oh hell yeah. Fun as hell to watch. Unfortunately, despite South Alabama's Engineering department getting a fair share of my dough, I didn't qualify as "current student or alumni" enough to participate. Ah well. Still was able to cheer XA on, and I ran into Tiff while there which was a plus. Haven't seen her since the last bowling trip, whenever that was.

After that, the XA crew kinda split up and wandered their own seperate ways. James was cravin' some pizza, so I mashed out with him to grab lunch. Ran into Pocky and Nichole there by coincidence...great folks that unfortunately I almost never see outside of Miso. When combined with the fact that I haven't seen the inside of Miso since before it started going downhill, it's been a while. *shrug* But we chilled for a while there, and they mentioned that the all-day Miyazakithon was currently underway. I shot a little pool then swung by to watch Totoro, Laputa, and Mononoke-hime. It was nice to catch up with some folks and watch movies for a bit. Dunno what all I did after that, so I reckon it wasn't too important.

Today, I finally caught back up with some of the online stuff I had been meaning to do and started to fall behind on due to last week's "off day" that lasted most of the week. That, and did laundry. And watched the NASCAR race, which was great until some jackass decided to DNF Junior. Bah.

But the main attraction was later tonight:

Blue Man Group - How To Be A MEGASTAR

Helluva show. Hell of a show! I like concerts, but don't see the point in shelling out a hundred bucks for a live version of a ten dollar CD. Not when half the time the band's just standing there and lifelessly singing into a mic. But I do go to free shows in bars or at the fair, and I'll pay to see performers that have an especially rockin' live performance. Where the show's as big a draw as the music itself. BMG definitely qualifies, and I haven't had that much fun in a while. Couldn't stop laughing at the antics between songs, and when the music started kicking, they really threw down. It was just awesome.

Now, the hard part. Rock Concert Movement #107 - crashing after the show in time to wake up for work tomorrow morning. It's gonna be tough to wind down enough and go to sleep, but I got to since tomorrow's another day at the office. (Probably a rough one, too, as the new system that will eat my soul for the next two months or more arrives at 10:00am. Ugh.) Wish me luck.

Please yell if you were paying attention.
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