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Nash's Busted Back
January 17th, 2000 - March 29th, 2007

I know I should be asleep, cause I've got to get up in what? Six hours? But Ima post here instead, since there ain't many other folks to talk to at midnight.

Basically, I'm a good guy. Sure I've got a mean streak, and I've definitely got something of a tough guy image, but deep down I've got a heart of gold. So while I may bitch and complain and not want to do something, I almost always will (even to a fault).

Tonight was one of those nights. After the two weeks I've had, I just wanted to go home. Not only did I work late tonight, but I spent most of the day assembling a server cabinet, bent over unfastening wires and lifting heavy computers one after another till they were all moved. Difficult stuff. And hearing that I hafta work Saturday as well this week wasn't good for morale. So, I wanted to skip church tonight and just go home. Eat some supper, maybe watch rasslin' on TV while goofing off online. You know, things I could do from my big, comfy chair.

Nah. Wasn't about what I wanted, so I did the right thing and just went ahead and gone like I knew I was supposed to. Nobody woulda blamed me, especially if they knew about my back and all, but I sucked it up and pushed myself onward.

Glad I did, too. The message was good, sometimes serious and sometimes entertaining. But the whole time, I just felt like I was on fire, like I was filled to the brim with this energy to the point where it was just bursting out like a huge, roaring fire. And it kept growing till I felt like one of those Dragonball Z guys, just sheathed in this massive invisible flame. One of the things I've been praying a lot for lately is strength...I've got the wisdom to do my job at work and the longsuffering to deal with all of the pressure. But I needed strength, and like I posted last night, I keep getting more and more the more and more problems I have to face. So that rocked. My body felt tense, like a snake coiled and ready to strike. I felt overly full of energy. Take what I posted last night and multiply it by three and that's how I was feeling tonight.

But then, during the praise and worship and all, I had no less than five or six people come down specifically to pray for me. Which was cool - almost nobody does that at all, but for whatever reason, tonight folks were just swarmed around me. And it was kinda creepy, these folks that I don't even know praying specifically for the things that I want or that I need. Literally, I couldn't have said it any better myself. It was almost like they were answering questions before I could ask them, which simply floors me.

But the real coup de grace is in the middle of folks praying for all of this other stuff, James comes up behind me and lays hands on my back. And poof! Gone. Seven and a half years of suffering just.....gone. He almost didn't believe me when I told him, but I felt light on my feet and as healthy as I did back when I was playing ball. He made me prove it to him, telling me to do something I couldn't do. That took some time to think about...mainly I just hurt all the time, and have trouble in general rather than not being able to do certain things. But, I have the idea to try to touch my toes, and even I didn't think that I'd be able to. But then I was looking at my hands grabbing the end of my dress shoes.

And this was with my back already griping at me so much that I wanted to skip tonight's service more than anything.

Hell, even when I was in the best shape of my life, I couldn't touch my toes, While warming up for football or track, when everyone else was told to hold their toes and stretch I always grabbed my ankles instead, cause that's as far as my 100% healthy back would reach.

I know. I still can't really believe it, either. But ain't it cool?
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