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First, a slightly funny story from work.

(Now in limited edition dialoguey script format!)

Me = XD
MAW = Middle Aged Woman. A coworker, naturally.

The scene starts off normally enough, walking along the hallway with a user after repairing an issue, to see if it's working on her PC now.
MAW: You know, I was thinking about you yesterday...
Me: (Hopes she didn't mean that the way it sounded, because she's married and old enough to be my mother)
Me: ...oh...really? How come?
MAW: I had to go to the orthopedic surgeon's yesterday.
Me: Oh no! Are you all right?
MAW: Yeah, I'm fine, but my son got hurt playing basketball.
MAW: (pauses)
Me: Well, what happened?
MAW: He got hit in the hand with a basketball.
Me: (looks at brace on my right hand and assumes this is what she meant.)
Me: Sorry to hear that. Is he okay?
MAW: No, he broke his thumb.
MAW: Shattered it.
MAW: Twice.
Me:, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he starts feeling better soon...
MAW: (stares at me)
Me: (dunno if that stare is serious or not)
MAW: Yeah. You have a pickup truck fall on your hand, crush it, and pin you down for half an hour without help, and walk away from it without a scratch. Just bruised up and a little sore. My kid? Someone throws him a basketball and he gets put in a cast.
Me: 0_o;

Dunno how to take that. My heart goes out to the kid, of course. Hate to hear anyone getting hurt, doubly so while I'm in the middle of knowing exactly how awkward it is to only operate with one good hand and can sympathize. Not much *I* can really do aside from say a quick prayer for him, but in a way, it is kind of humorous. And by comparison, it makes how blessed I was even more noticeable.

Not much else to report. Work was crazy this week...absolutely insane. REAL glad for this weekend to finally get here. One good bit of news, though was that Friday I won a raffle they were having for St. Patty's day. To celebrate, we had free cupcakes in the breakroom (a very good thing since I was asked to work through lunch, and had skipped breakfast that morning). We also had hourly drawings - basically, for each piece of green clothing you wore, you got one entry. Between pants, dress shirt, and tie, I ended up with 3 out of a maximum of 4 possible entriies. (Decided against the green mullet wig at the last moment.) Most prizes were miniature pots of gold containing ten of the new dollar coins, but there were a few $25 gift cards to fancy restaurants around town. Didn't interest me much, as I'm more of a extra-value-menu kinda guy except when I'm trying (in vain) to flirt with one of the cute waitresses in one of those sorts of places. But back to the topic at hand, there was also one coupon book for $25 in free movie tickets. That's the one I was shooting for, and surprisingly enough, that's the time my name was drawn. w00t!

...I should mention, though, that each building had a separate drawing, and everyone in my building called in sick that day. We only had seven employees clock in, with eight prizes. I never win anything, but even with my luck I had a decent shot at this particular drawing. Wasn't expecting to grab one of the best prizes though, much less the exact one I kinda wanted. ^__^

Later that evening I went to tag along with the folks from XA, but not many people showed. James was the only member-type person there for the longest time, but it was still cool chowing down on chicken wings (sans beer) with him and Mason. Even if the movie plans for later went bust. Meh...wasn't too excited about anything there anyways, aside from 300. Though the timing was perfect considering the prize I had won a few hours earlier. Had to bail before the bowling, however - my hand's 99% better, but throwing around sixteen pound balls? Don't think so...not for a while, at least. =P

Today was very "meh". Woke up damn early to get the tires I ordered earlier in the week put on my truck. They ordered the wrong size, though, so it was a waste of a trip. The owner's 15-year-old kid was working the shop, and really didn't know enough to be of any use. But the new tires should be in Monday, and if I ask Dad to drive The Truck out there that'll at least mean that the guy that knows what he'll be doing will almost certainly be behind the counter, as his kid'll almost certainly be in school.

Starting to get sick now, though. Stupid summer cold, prolly a result of it being eighty degrees one day then forty at night. Wish the weather would just make up it's damned mind, already...sheesh. Not bad yet, though I did kinda fall asleep this afternoon accidentally while I wanted to either be working on RPs or the last of the Kannon 2006 synchro with Northy. Ah well, there's always tomorrow, ne?

At least till the race comes on. XD
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