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Good News, Bad News?

Guess I must be getting at least a little better. Now my back's hurting so damn bad that it took my mind completely off of my busted hand for most of the day. -_-;

At least until my hand started feeling non-pain-ey enough that I grabbed a stick from Bama's mouth and threw it for him to fetch, completely forgetting which hand I just used till it was too late. Damn.

Really wish I had some more drugs. Doc only gave me about half as much as I needed, I guess because I looked okay in the ER and the real pain didn't start till it started to get stove up later that afternoon and especially the next day.

Hopefully it won't be all that much longer now. I can grab things now and exert pressure. Things like balling a fist that have been impossible for the past week. Almost all better, really, aside for some dull, throbbing pain in the fingers and occasional sharp spikes in my wrist. I'll be back to 110% awesomeness in no time at all, maybe a few days at most.

Still have people stopping me at random times during the day, in sheer amazement, just to tell me that it's a miracle that I didn't get crippled or maimed. Got to admit that I was definitely blessed. Not much doubt there.

And CRAP! Just now realized that I missed a call from earlier, now that it's way too late to return it. Sorry bout that... ^_^;;
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