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One more thing:

Not sure why, but when everyone hears that my truck fell on me while changing the tire, they always say that I was lucky that it was flat, because the soft and cushy partially-inflated tire had to help take some of the pressure, and probably helped keep me from getting hurt.


I suppose that makes sense, if you're thinking that the jack wasn't set up properly and fell down due to user error. In truth, it held for well over half an hour. Plenty of time for me to take off the old wheel and be in the middle of placing the new one on before it gave way and came loose (even with my desperately slow progress due to my injured back). So NO, I wasn't some dumbass that didn't know how to use a jack. And NO, the tire didn't help me any...this was the NEW one. End result - I was effectively trapped between a steel-belted radial and a half-ton pickup, with absolutely no give on either side. Rock, meet hard place. Hard place, rock.

The actual culprit here was the bumper jack. Those things are notorious for slipping out or letting go, from what I hear now after the fact. My father, for example, was horrified to see that I was still using one, though I've never had any trouble with it except a time or two when I couldn't jack up a stranded motorist's car because these newer plastic ones no longer have bumpers. (Curse you, inferior modern vehicles~!)

But I digress. I usually told those examples to make the situation sound worse, describing events as they actually happened versus the incorrect, optimistic version that people for whatever reason imagine. But the contraverse didn't hit me until earlier today. I didn't have a soft and mushy flat...I had a BLOWOUT. Torn shreds of rubber everywhere; The Truck was sitting on the rim and the rim alone. Just metal and asphalt. So if, hypothetically, that jack did give way when I was pulling the old one off? I'd have half a ton of Detroit steel pressing down on my hand, and a thin edge of aluminum underneath my wrist. No doubt in my mind that'd cut my hand completely off, and I'd be stuck screaming like Luke Skywalker in ESB and trying not to bleed to death while waiting for somebody to flag down.

THAT, my friends, would really have sucked.

But yeah. One more thing to be really damn thankful for....if y'all don't believe I was blessed by now, feel free to keep deluding yourselves. It wasn't nearly as gruesome as it could have been. And with how bad it actually was? Even I ain't that hardcore on my own. I joke about being bulletproof, all twisted steel and sex appeal, but soft squishy hand versus bad-ass pickup truck? I wasn't supposed to win that one. Not by a long shot. =P

Not much else to add, except that instead of sleeping in a very planned way to keep from tossing and turning, my pain pills knocked me out while preparing to watch a movie on my laptop. As a result, I tossed and turned (apparently), and woke up with my hand in a helluva lot of pain. Exacerbating matters, this morning was spent shopping for new tires, as well as a new jack, since all the parts houses closed at noon. Luckily I was able to special order the wheels I wanted despite it originally seeming impossible, but the driving about wasn't so good for my level of pain. Fell asleep due to Loritab usage this afternoon, and tried to stay sober tonight but just popped another pill instead. Got two left, so just enough to get me through the weekend pain-free.

Logging out now - gonna try to watch a movie again or something. Hope I can manage to decide on one and at least plug it in before the drugs KO me for the night. Peace out, y'all.
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