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"Then we shall fight in the shade."


Been wanting to see that movie since I first heard about it. Gonna be killer, in more ways than one. If it's half as good as I'm thinking it will be, it'll be the most awesome epic war movie EVAR until they finish making The Battle of Red Cliffs (informally known as "the Dynasty Warriors movie"). But I digress. Looking forward to this current film for a long time. Opening weekend is, like, right now. All my friends are planning on hitting the 10pm showtime.

And I ain't getting to go. Bah. Damn this only having three working tires and one working hand. =P

Sad thing is, I'm about to drug myself into a coma until some time on Sunday night. So no fun this weekend at all. No anything this weekend at all. Except maybe some drooling. Yuck.

And some people do this deliberately? Drugging themselves stupid for fun? I just don't get it. *shrug*
Tags: friends, misc schnaa, movies, pain
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