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It even SOUNDS painful...

Yes, it's the same meme that you've probably seen a dozen of already on your Friends List. Thought I might as well give it a shot, myself. Why? Three reasons:

1) Everyone else is, so might as well try to blend in. You know, "When in Rome..."
2) Arm hurts way too much to type a real entry. Just keying these few lines in left-handed as it is.
3) Makes sense to get this one out of the way while I'm so heavily medicated not to feel the pain of my remaining self-esteem being torn to shreds like fresh meat thrown to a pack of ravenous dogs. =P

Plus, as strange as it sounds, there's not any other memes currently making the rounds that I can snag in lieu of making a real post. Ah well...

Crush this person!
Get your own CrushTag!

Click it. Or don't. Not expecting much here, peeps, so feel free to ignore this post entirely. =P
Tags: girl problems, meme, romance
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