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No, he's not a pervert....Of course not.

Jacko admits to sleeping with children.

Just some backup to my claims. Turns out that several folks don't believe me when I mention that MJ is a raging pervert that likes kids. "No proof" they cry. It's not like he has an amusement park in his backyard or he built that for bait, to make more kids want to come over to his place to "hang out". Heh.

While Jacko denies anything "sexual" with these kids, quotes like "It’s very loving. What’s wrong with sharing a love?" certainly are enough to raise the eyebrow of jsut about anyone, especially since he has been accused of child molestation in the past. That and the fact that it's obvious he doesn't care too much about the wellfare of children (as evidinced by him dangling his kid over the edge of a balcony...) BTW, if you're as confused as I was as to how MJ was able to reporduce in the first place, he said in this interview that it was due to artificial insemination. He also said that he enjoys climbing trees more than having sex, and that in fact most of his hit songs were written because he was sitting in a magical tree that grows in his backyard. Um...yeah.

He also claims to only have had two plastic surgeries ever, and those were to help him breathe better - not anything having to do with his appearance. Other than thos two surgeries on his nose, he hasn't had anything done to the rest of his face. Yeah, Jacko, we believe that. Word of advice, MJ - don't deny having sex with kids and then say you've never had cosmetic plastic surgery one after the other. Since it's so obvious that you're lying about the second statement, it really casts shadows of doubt onto your first. Especially when your first statement was "I really like sleeping with kids, but I didn't have sex with them" instead of a complete denial of any pedophile urges.

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