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OK, study time over. Sleep time now.

Considering that I'm already an insomniac, let's just see if I can somehow get a meager five hours of sleep and still wake up refreshed enough to do comples calculations in my head without the aid of a formula sheet or even a calculator, and perform well enough to pass a test where the teacher is a raging ASSHOLE that doesn't even give partial credit and actually enjoys failing the majority of the class.

Pardon my raging doubt, but anyone that knows me realizes that I'm about as sharp as a bowling ball at the ass-crack of dawn. Some may argue that I don't get much better during the rest of the day, but take my word for it that my brain is even more filled with cobwebs than usual before 10am.

Wish me luck. Actually, scratch that. Wish for Divine Intervention instead. I'm gonna need it. >_
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