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Fiiiiiiive bleating sheeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Not quite ready for the yearly "State of the Nash" address, though it's been an interesting year. Instead, I'll toss a few of these holiday memes your way and use that as an excuse not to post anything for a few days. =/

First line of the first post of every month:
January - Man, I hope that's the last time I leave a party because folks were about to start a Texas Hold'Em tourney... =P
February - I could really go for a margarita right about now.
March - I suppose one of the good things about feelin' a little down is that it can be oddly productive.
April - Heh, it's funny how things tend to happen sometimes.
May - I've been delaying this post for a day or two.
June - Today is June 1st.
July - You ever feel a bad vibe, like you just don't belong somewhere?
August - Started off to be a much better week mentally and emotionally.
September - Sorry for that previous rant.
October - Hokay, so. Con report.
November - Might not seem like it, but Big Daddy Cool's still here, large and in charge.
December - As of today, I now have a life insurance policy with my company.


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