Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Deep Thoughts for a Saturday Night

Back's better, but only slightly so. Now it only hurts when I move. *shrug*

And yes, I'm being serious. And yes, it actually is a rather large improvement over yesterday when it felt like I had been run over by a bus. Repeatedly. -_-;

But while I was down, stuck in bed all day and unable to do anything except occasionally mess around on my laptop while drugged, I started reading the Least I Could Do webcomic based on illegalsanity's recommendation. Great fucking strip, and I ended up catching up with the present story arc in just a day or two. But, like almost anything else, it got me to thinking...

I really like that strip. But you know which part was my favorite? It wasn't how the main character is basically the guy that every guy wants to be. Not the fact that he could pick up any girl at any time. Not that he was just a big kid at heart. Not even that he's so snarky and acts like a complete and total asshole much of the time, just like all of the fictional guys I admire. was his relationship with his niece, Emily.

Don't know why, but that part really struck me. I liked seeing how much he changed that girl, how much she enjoys being around him, and how much her "Unca" means to her. And now that I've got a little niece (well, my cousin's daughter...close enough for now, I suppose), it left me wondering if me and Krislyn would have that sort of relationship. She's only 18 months or so old now, but after seeing her that morning at Thanksgiving and then reading all that other later on the same evening, I found myself wondering what kind of uncle I'll be.

And then it hit me. Holy shit, am I getting...what's the word...mature or something?

Personally, I blame the drugs. I'm way too young to be having parental urges of any sort, and way too not-good-looking for it ever to be a topic that demands my immediate attention. =P
Tags: children, family, life, linkage, pain, webcomics
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