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The best there is at what I do.

Think I'm about ready. Still not feelin' overly nervous, though. Just spent the whole day taking care of business.

Laundry: Washed.
Shirts: Starched.
Slacks: Pressed.
Shoes: Shined.
Hair: Trimmed.
Programs: Upgraded.
Knives: Sharpened.
Truck: Refueled.
Status: Kickass.

Only thing I have left to do is upload some American Psycho, Shinesman, or Office Space icons for my Live-Journaling now that I'll have more interesting topics to post about other than "I'm broke" and "Job hunting sucks". And yeah, I was on such a routine maintenance kick that I greased my Leatherman and sharpened all the various pocketknives, despite "Sharpen Knives" not really being something that one would need to do to get ready for a new job. *chuckles* But my shit's in order, and now it's just a matter of getting things done.

(Though now I've got the Tuxedo Kamen transformation from PGSM stuck in my head. Guess I can't stress out too much when every time I imagine myself getting ready to go to work, I end up laughing because of that.)

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