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Truth is stranger than fiction.

Funny story. Last night, I went to a Bible study group. The Mobile branch of the XA folks I'd occasionally hang out with in Tuscaloosa. Anyways, it's my first night, so I'm just kinda hanging in the back, listening to the music and chillin'. This friendly old guy comes up behind me and reads the words "Roll Tide" off the back of my hat out loud. As a way to break the ice, he says that I must not be an Auburn fan. We joke around for a bit, and then he asks, "That's the 'big game' around here, eh? Alabama and Auburn?"

He had a slight accent, from somewhere up north, so I poke fun at him for not being a native Alabamian. "Oh, you're a foriegner then? Oh, well, ___________" and I told him a few things about Bama. Small talk and all. He laughed, said, "Yeah...I'm a foriegner, all right", and kind of wandered around like older folks tend to do. Since he had told me it was his first night as well, I almost offered to let him sit up there next to me, so we could just shoot the breeze till either James got there or the meeting started. You know, just bein' friendly to the new guy that looked kind of lost or whatever. But I didn't, cause I knew there wasn't a whole lot I'd have in common with a 65-year-old dude, and he seemed more interested in wandering around than sitting in any one place for too long, anyways.

Turns out, once the meeting got started? He was the guest speaker. One of the biggest, most famous missionaries currently out in the field. Different city (and sometimes country) every week. Been to every single country in Europe, several in Africa, South America, most of the Orient, and so on and so on. The guy that I jokingly called "a foriegner". XD

Aaaaanyways, yeah. Maybe you just had to have been there. *shrugs*

Today kind of sucked. Neck and back gave me hell, and I was in the bed for most of the day. Down to my very last Loritab as well, so that ain't cool. Got next to nothing done, cause I was either too crippled up or kinda dopey from the meds. Need to do a bunch of chores tomorrow, and hopefully get my sleep schedule back on track in time for Monday morning. Maybe I should be more nervous about my first day back in the office, especially after a year's downtime, but it ain't really set in just yet. Guess that's a good thing. Ain't nothing I can't handle.
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