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Oh Rocky Top, you'll never mean
One damn thing to me;
Fuck You, Rocky Top! (whoo!)
Go to Hell, Tennessee...

I am NOT pleased.

Bama held the big, bad Vols to a bunch of field goals. The team that scored 51 points against a then top-ten team Georgia couldn't get a single TD against us. Granted, our "O" is still a little weak in the red zone, but otherwise I'm really liking that kid with the three names. Brown was hurt, but we still had DJ and Double-J (who I still feel should be named starter over Darby, Shaun Alexander's rushing record be damned). Pretty good all around, and out Defense was tight. Three grabs, almost no YAC yards, and total domination of the Time of Possession.

Two things pissed me off, though.

Firstly, on the one time Tennessee managed to put together a decent drive, they were given the ball on the one-inch line despite the wide reciever clearly dropping the pass. Set 'em up for a stupid-easy touchdown, which ended up putting them on top. Maybe they'd still have scored, I dunno, but that was just clear and total bullshit. The Tide never really had much of a chance to stop 'em...when the ball's already on the line, almost anyone's gonna make it in. THEY WON THE GAME WITH A CATCH THAT THEY DIDN'T EVEN MAKE.

Secondly, when we had the ball a yard shy of their endzone, Coach Shula kicked for three. Fuck that happy shit. The fans were screaming at him. HIS PLAYERS were screaming at him. It was only one stinking yard! And we had the momentum. And our "D" was stomping them at the time! They'd have to go 99 1/2 yards down the field, with only minutes to go in the half, even if we didn't make it! Had Coach made the right call there, we'd have ended things 17-16 for the good guys. Instead, we got beat 16-13 by a team that we shoulda beat. Now, I like the Coach, but we CANNOT keep settling for three when everyone else goes for seven. Sometimes, you got to cut your losses and take the field goal, I know, but not on 4th and Goal from inches away.

Gah! *pulls out hair*
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