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Go Cards.

I know this icon isn't entirely appropriate, as it's more of a "Braves rule the NL East" one, but I don't feel like making a new one with the Cardinals logo just for one post. Plus "I *pecker* NY" might not be the exact idea I wish to convey. Oh well - hope the Mets enjoyed their year in the spotlight, because now it's time for the Braves to start building their streak all over again.

Long story short, things have been a little aggravating this week. I feel like I'm a hundred years older than I should be, with every joint popping or cracking or snapping any time I attempt to move anything at all. To quote a great man, I'm much too young to feel this damn old. But, it's just the change in the seasons. I'm already starting to get used to the new climate - though I'll probably still bitch about the weather till Spring. I hate the cold.

More importantly, I just got a call from one of the large medical groups here in town. Seems they want me to be their new IT Specialist. Missed the call (damn T-Mobile!), but I'm supposed to call them back on Monday to set up an interview.

Tags: complaints, job hunting, sports

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