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This one's for all the ladies....

Okay, I've just got to know something. Just what's the big deal with the bras and panties?

Now I ain't shy. I'm not gonna point fingers and rant about the moral decay of the country over some skimpy undergarments, nor am I too bashful to say those words without gettin' all red in the face. But there's just something that I've been wondering every damn time I go to the store, and hopefully someone from the fairer sex can clear this up once and for all.

See, guy's drawers are pretty much hidden away. Usually, you've got two shelves - on the outside of one, facing the walkways, are the undershirts and the socks and such. Then, on the opposite side of both shelves, you've got sealed plastic bags of boxers and briefs, lined up and facing each other on either side of the aisle like they're about to wage a Braveheart-like battle for the right to cover my ass cheeks. On the other, facing outward in the other direction, are usually ties or dress socks or belts or something else - I dunno. Point is that they're wrapped up, sealed, hidden, and pretty much out of the way.

Women's underwear, however, is always put prominently on display. No matter where I go, any store in any state of the country, they're always in the center of the store, right on the intersection of two major walkways as to draw even more attention. Besides the fact that the bright reds and pinks and yellows and all stand out pretty well on their own. Not that I'm some perv that's constantly staring at them, but it's just a pattern that I can't help but notice. More often than not, I'm forced to walk past them on the way to the Electronics section. Doesn't bother me so much, but I just can't help but wonder why they put "Intimate Apparel" always so front-and-center, as opposed to tucked away in the center of the Women's section the way that guys have theirs.

(However, I am NOT going to ask about the sexy, lacy things that were on display in sizes that are clearly meant either for midgets or six-year-olds. There are just some things that I simply would rather not know.)

I can't take it anymore, and I have to ask "Why?" Any of you girls know, or maybe someone that used to stock shelves in one of these supercenters or department stores?
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