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Imbred Tenessee fans?

Holy fucking shit on a stick, I think I've just heard the funniest damn thing ever just now.

Okay, so I was in The Truck, listening to the Florida rock station from just across the state line in P'cola. Local radio personalities read off a listener email between songs for one of their segments - some kind of a "Dear Abby" thing, asking for advice. Apparently this person had an amazingly fine cousin...and they were drinking...and one thing led to another...and...yeah. Gave into their passions and such, and now the listener was asking if that was gross. Basically if that one-night drunken hookup made them a horrible, creepy person or what not.

It was an amusing letter - not the typical thing you'd hear on a radio advice column (I hope), but what happened next had me laughing for miles. All of a sudden, one of the two disc jockeys cued up some old-time country bluegrass guitar-pickin' music to play in the background. "This is our incest music, by the way," he added. That kind of thing is annoying to a good ol' boy like me, but it's the rock station so of course they're gonna slam country music and mock rednecks and all for the metalheads that are listening. Understandable.

But then, it hit me like a Mack truck what exactly that song was in the background. "It isn' it? IT IS!" They were playing Rocky Top, which besides apparently being the official music of incest, is the unofficial theme song for the University of Tennessee. As a proud Bama fan, I was in stitches; after all, the Vols are the Tide's second biggest rivals, next to the Auburn Pussies.

Fuck You, Rocky Top.
Go To Hell, Tennessee.
Alabama rocks.
Roll fucking Tide.
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