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Damage Report:

D.J. Hall - Right Shoulder.
Jimmie Johns - Left Ankle.
Keith Brown - Left Leg/Knee.
John Parker Wilson - Left Ankle.


Also, the Auburn Pussies beat the Florida Gators last night. Gah. While I absolutely love it how the SEC is so fucking awesome that we're heads and shoulders above any other conference in the entire country, it kind of sucks that we always beat ourselves up. In the polls, once you lose a game you almost never have a shot at the title, and after two losses you might not even be ranked anymore. Works okay for most conferences, where there's only two or three strong teams, but in the SEC everyone except maybe Kentucky's a threat. Just look at Florida, LSU, much as I hate to say it, Auburn. Any one of those teams deserve to play in the title game, cause the only folks in the country that could beat any of them are each other. Georgia's not too far away, either. But with these kick-ass SEC teams destroying each other, no one's going to be able to sweep the entire season and so nobody's going to make it to the BCS game.

Ah well. Still some damn good football. Best time of the year to be alive, except maybe Bowl Season.
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