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Marriage on the Midway results:

They broke the news early this morning, but I wasn't able to catch it. Spent half the night either trying to pry Bama and Scar off of a snake nest they dug up before either of them could get bit, and the rest sitting up to make sure they didn't get poisoned while I was off looking for a flashlight. Bama especially was sitting right outside my door, panting and breathing heavy and whimpering...thank God that it was just him being tired from running around and whimpering because he was begging me to let him back outside to go get 'em instead of him slowly dying from venom.

But anyways, come sunup I was out there with Dad trying to flood anything still in that hole out of there, and fill it back up with dirt. (And it was great that we didn't actually see anything then cause I was so slow and unattentive from sickness and sleep deprivation that I prolly would have been the one bitten instead.) =P

Missed the actual televised announcement, but saw the wedding contest results on their website though. They didn't post which place everyone finished in, but in short Buck and Jessica didn't win. With nine other couples, they really only had a 10% chance anyways at best. And though I wanted to stay optimistic, I kinda had a hunch that the Katrina couple would get it all, that being the huge local issue around these parts that really pulls on people's heartstrings.

But also, I'm a little pissed at the newscaster. The voice-over leading in to their segment on TV was pretty good, playing up the "young love" angle. Told about how they met at the skating rink when they were ten, considered themselves to be dating almost as long, and how they're living together with their beautiful baby girl and want to tie the knot and make things official. But once the interview started, Darwin kept asking them over and over (and over) about how they met. What was it like. Was it "love at first sight". All that jazz. Um...dude? They were in ELEMENTARY school! Of course it wasn't going to be some lustful passion right off the bat. They were TEN. But, instead of using their few minutes to talk about anything good, like them being childhood sweethearts for so long or what kind of people they are now or how hard they're struggling, he ended up making them look rather stupid. I wasn't all too pleased with the way he approached the interview or the questions he chose to ask, and when compared to the other didn't exactly put them in any kind of light where a non-friend or non-family member would randomly vote for them. -_-;

In any case, we had a one-in-ten shot, and we made the most we could out of it. Even though they didn't win, I'd still like to thank each and every person that helped to improve their odds, whether you voted once or one hundred times. I genuinely do appreciate it, and when I told Buck about how people were coming together from everywhere from coast to coast to halfway around the globe in Europe, he was both impressed and touched and wanted me to thank y'all on his behalf.
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