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Showdown Saturday

Yesterday was perhaps the single biggest day for college football all damn year. I quite literally got up at ten for the early game, and watched non-stop till the late game went of the air at ten at night. There were so many games I was having to flip between two very close contests at points to try and watch them all. Caught the recap of all the other games on SportsCenter, and then it was eleven. And under normal circumstances, I'd have caught the replay of the Alabama PPV game then and kept watching till the wee hours of the morning.

WAY too much going on to discuss everything in detail, but I'll jot down my initial thoughts for each of the games I was keeping my eye on:

Arkansas 21, Vanderbuilt 19
Didn't expect this one to be a nailbiter. Vandy looked like they were about to pull something off as time wound down, but in the end the pig people held on. Not caring about either team, I had no real preference who won...part of me wanted to see Vandy actually do something since they're historically the SEC's weakest link, but half of me wanted to see the Hogs build up some momentum for next week's game. Vandy's definitely tougher than usual, I gotta give credit where credit's due. But in the end, we beat one team last week and we're gonna beat the other next week, so while a very good game, it didn't really matter for much (at least to me).

UAB 0, (#10) Georgia 34
SQUASH. Poor Blazers. Nothing against Georgia, but since UA-Birmingham is a sister school, I gotta root for them when I can. Didn't watch this game, but it sucks to see them blown out. Not much of a surprise, though. =P

(#11) Michigan 47, (#2) Notre Dame 21
The Alabama Crimson Tide has the third highest all-time win/loss record in college football. The only two teams that can claim to be "better" than us are these two guys. So naturally I'm always rooting for both of these teams to lose. And much like Mets/Yankees games, there's no way to really win this historic matchup. Though I seem to root against the Irish with more passion than I do the Wolverines, and in general I root for the underdogs. It made me very, very happy to see the overhyped Fighting Irish fall. Though on the other hand, that means the Auburn Pussies will likely claim second place for themselves. Boo.

And speaking of which...

(#6) LSU 3, (#3) Auburn 7
The Bayou Bengals were fucking ROBBED. For much of the game, Auburn seemed to be playing dirty. Well, perhaps not "dirty" but there were several, several instances where something was on the borderline. Late hits, roughing the passer...several things that wouldn't have had any game effect even if they were called, but were very questionable and coulda got called either way. Since none of them were, I guess that's what they mean by "home field advantage".

However, there were no less than three calls that completely screwed LSU out of a win. First quarter, LSU completes a pass for the first down, turns upfield, and loses grip of the ball as he starts to run. LSU recovered, but it was still good for the first down. Call gets reversed, and they incorrectly call it an incomplete pass. Second quarter - while it wasn't as blatant as what would happen later on, there was pass interference on the orange and blue in LSU's endzone. Instead of seven, the Tigers only walked away with a field goal. And then later in the game, another sure-thing TD gets flagged for a blatant case of pass interference: The Auburn DB fucking tackles the motherfucker before he can catch the ball. However, another DB tips the ball afterward, and the refs incorrectly wave off the flag, saying the ball was uncatchable (despite the illegal contact in question happening before the second defensive back got his hand on the ball).

Long story short? I got a feeling that the replay official from that game's got a fairly big check to cash Monday morning. Not much other way to explain so many blatant, one-sided decisions. I was not happy in the slightest...though Bama's my first love, if forced to pick a second favorite SEC team it'd be LSU. And those other Tigers, of course, are dead last.

(#24) Texas Tech 3, (#20) TCU 12
I kinda like TCU. Good Christian school, from a kickass place like Texas, and with one helluva awesome mascot. Plus they play the Mobile Alabama GMAC Bowl more times than not, and they're one of the teams I often get to watch live in person because of this. Turns out that they may be the proverbial "fly in the ointment" in this year's BCS computations. I always root for said fly just to watch the system crumble, but it's even easier when it's a team you genuinely like. Kick ass, horny frogs...

Mississippi 14, Kentucky 31
WTF? Okay, just...what the fuck? Kentucky? I thought they were a basketball school, but they're 2-1 and beat Ole Miss? Never woulda saw that one coming, though I don't expect all that much from them till football season's over (as usual). Had no interest in watching this game, and hadn't even heard the score until just now - kind of caught my eye as unusual while scanning through yesterday's results in the sports section.

Yeah, so we were playing nobody important. But it's still nice to see us win decisively in a game that we're supposed to win decisively. Always fun to watch the Tide dominate, though twice we settled for field goals when we shoulda put the ball in the endzone. Still got a lot of improvement to do, but it was a fun game to watch. And after last week's performance, I admittedly was a little surprised to see us still ranked in the Top 25. (Well, in one poll at least. We're #28 in the other.)

Clemson 27, (#9) Florida State 20
Bowden Bowl VIII. Of course I'm rooting for the old man...can't stand the sight of the color orange. Plus FSU's always been one helluva team, and almost joined the SEC at one point (though decided not to because they didn't want to have to play Alabama every single year). Didn't watch the game, but turns out that Junior won. Bleh. At least it shakes up the rankings, with it being an upset and all. As an Alabama fan, any time that someone ranked higher than us in the polls loses, it's good for us by comparison.

(#7) Florida 21, (#13) Tennessee 20
I severely dislike both of these teams, but I hate Tennessee worse than anyone in the NCAA except the Auburn Pussies. This'll likely be the only time I root for the Gators, but I'm glad they came back to win this one late in the game. Very good game to watch.

After all that, I went out bowling with my friends. Had a damn good time, aside from one spilt beer. My back's not too happy with me, though, since for the first part of the night I was stuck using a 16lb ball when I was kinda hoping to maybe use nothing higher than a twelve with my back being like it was. We eventually found a 14 pounder, which helped, but I didn't bowl all that great of a game. Good thing the scoreboard was broken, cause I didn't really have much interest in what my totals were. Heh.

For some reason, it seemed like damn near everyone was complimenting me last night, just for random things. I wasn't expecting any of that...I just came there to bowl...but it did kinda kick ass. Always good to know your friends are in your corner, and I'm very thankful for that. Especially all the talk about tomorrow's job interview, which admittedly I'm just now starting to grow slightly nervous about. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to quit blathering about all these games that have already happened, and pump myself up with non-stop hardcore rock and metal and other such music, so when I step into those glass double-doors tomorrow I'll be as pumped up as it were Gameday. I ain't a jock no more, but it's basically the same deal: the stakes are high, the game's on the line, and it's up to me to go out there and do what I do best. (Just no cute girls in miniskirts to ogle afterwards...) =P

Keep on kickin' ass, especially all y'all with jobs to grudgingly return to tomorrow, and I'll catch ya later.
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