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It's been a while since I've really pissed anyone off. So.........

Despite being such an absurdly huge fan of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, my experience for the longest time was limited to the first two seasons. I watched the dubs religiously, those being all I had access to at the time, but was not able to catch any of the Sailor Moon S or SuperS premiers that were released at the tail end of it's run on Toonami.

(SailorStars is somewhere inbetween...I've seen the first third and the last third of the final season, but haven't seen a large number of episodes in the middle. I know what happens, aside from the few crunchy bits scattered amongst the "monster of the day" filler.)

And while I have seen all of the new PGSM live-action series, including the specials, I've actually not read the original manga in it's entirety. I should be ashamed, I suppose, but I didn't own but a few volumes and only read up through the start of Sailor Moon R. With scanlations, I've been trying to rectify that situation. But every time, I seem to get kinda bored after the Dark Moon of Nemesis story arc, with Wiseman and the Four Sisters and all. Maybe it's cause I'm so much more familiar with the earlier stories? Maybe I randomly get distracted by other things once I'm 40% or so through with the project? Who knows?

This time, I'm forcing myself onward. And I finally know why...I really, reeeeeeeeeally can't stand the Outer Senshi. Especially the fan-favorites of Neptune and Uranus.

I never really liked 'em all that much, but I assumed that was because I was such a big fan of the original Sailor team. And that I really didn't know all that much about the Outers. But, now that I'm about halfway through SuperS, I think I can safely say that I just cannot stand any of 'em. I'm beginning to cringe every time their names are mentioned. Only the abomination that was "Sailor Luna" ranks higher. (I'm talkin' PGSM only, of course...I actually rather liked Human Luna from the anime and manga. Yes, implied beastiality was easier to enjoy than that annoying blue-haired runt.) -_-;

Uranus and Neptune in particular are the worst of the worst. Never before have I seen such Sue-ish characters in a work that takes itself seriously. I mean, c'mon! They fucking fly helicopters to school every day. If that's not enough reason to agree with me already, I don't know what is. PLUS they're world-famous artists or musicians or international racing legends or whatever. (Plus they still have time for both school and superheroing on top of all that, which completely breaks any limits of plausibility. By comparison, most of the Inners struggle with just school and their Senshi duties.) They're insanely rich, to the point of renting apartments that cost ten grand a month. Each. Even the most important, brand-new section of downtown Tokyo was named after them...which totally makes sense when you think about how little geographical area there is in that corner of the world, and how absurdly populated it is. Can you even get any more outrageous than that?

But wait, there's more! They also overshadow the main characters at literally everything! Rei was supposed to be the psychic girl, but Michiru seems to have even stronger divination powers with her mirror than Rei does with prayer/meditation/her Senshi powers/the Sacred Flame/being born with psychic abilities. Even Haruka seems to know more from "reading the wind" half the time, and sensing things is pretty much Rei's entire gimmick! Minako's supposed to be the superstar, but can't hold a candle to either of those two (and Queen Rei-sama's popularity at T&A is almost trivial in comparison, despite playing up the "Miss Popular" aspect earlier on in the series). Likewise, Minako's niche is that she's supposed to be the gorgeous one, the incarnation of the goddess Venus and all, but everyone's going on and on about how beautiful Michiru is. Haruka's even stronger than tough-girl Makoto...who's also left gushing over how she wishes she could be as pretty as Michiru. Usagi's got this huge fascination with Haruka for some reason. Hell, all of the Inners go on and on and on so much about the Outers that even the dense Minako began complaining about it.

The Inners couldn't even transform for a while until the Outer Senshi "helped them" somehow that I didn't seem to get, since they were nowhere nearby at that time. Let's see...Phobos and Demios rescue Rei, provide her with a stronger crystal, and allow her to transform into her most powerful Senshi form. Afterwards, everyone groups together and mumble incoherent bullshit about how it must have been the Outer Senshi, how their spirits must have lent them their fighting power, or something? Yyyyyyyyyyyyyeah. Must of missed that one entirely. ^_^;

And all of this is on top of the Outers guarding the legendary talismans, having stronger Senshi powers, having a more important mission, and all that other bullshit. It's quite literally like they tried to make these cool new Senshi even better than every previously established character in every way possible. *facepalm*

I kinda liked Setsuna when she was the lonely guardian of the Door of Time, despite her having control over the entire space/time continuum and "the forbidden power" to stop time in its tracks and all. Still she was okay, though once she was revived on Earth I didn't care for her quite as much. Hotaru's the only one that I can say that I really liked...but even then, the fact that she's a cyborg was kinda weird. And there's the fact that they made her into the single main character of her entire story arc, so OF COURSE she's gonna be pretty cool. However, even though she ended up being the most tolerable of the bunch, she single-handedly has the power TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. And was able to single-handedly save the very souls of all the Inners, while simultaneously weakening Mistress 9 to the point that the powered-up Super Sailor Moon could defeat her. Besides the absurd power level, I thought it was kinda weird how she'd switch from being the stone-faced killer to being almost as perky and bubbly as Chibi-Usa, depending on which volume you're reading...

Long story short, the girls that we've been rooting for the past two seasons aren't much more than spectators no, make that "cheerleaders" instead, as often as they idolize and worship the newest additions to the so-called "team". It's almost completely The Outer Senshi Show, except when Super Sailor Moon achieves her ultimate transformation - which is only possible with the help of the Outers, I should add. Or rather I shouldn't, because I don't have to: they specifically point this out several times themselves.

I'm going to keep slogging through this, cause I know it gets better when the Three Lights show up. But I have to admit that it's quickly becoming a chore. In the end, I'm kinda wishing Naoko would have killed it off after Sailor Moon R like she originally wanted to.
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