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A perfect example of why I love my Wolfwood icon:

I'm awake, but kinda bored. Might as well put this downtime to good use, right? So, I was reading up on some online Bible study notes and listening to the local rock station's online audio stream. Rob Zombie came on, and I didn't think much of it at the time. But then I looked at the window, which also had artist/track/album information. Turns out while reading the Good Book, I was listening to a song from a CD called "Devil Music, Vol. 1".

Um....does God count off for that? ^_^;;

[EDIT] And this was after having TK101 play no less than three songs about "being more animal than human" or "turning into an animal" earlier while I was writing something for one of my Druid shapeshifting characters. The radio seems to be set on "ironic" tonight, for some reason! XD
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