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This is the kind of post that happens when I'm incredibly bored. Be warned.

Huh. I just used a Ka-bar to slice open up a bag of chips. Didn't really think about it till afterwards, but that's gotta count for at least a few dozen manliness macho-points. (So cain't nobody say shit next time I talk about what a great show Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is. Or freak out upon discovering something like, say, I was a gymnastics fan as well as a football fan while at college. Not that anyone would, but still...)

Yes, I'm bored. As if that fact wasn't painfully obvious by now.

Decided I was too damn lazy to go to Miso tonight. Well, that and it was Dad's day off, so we sat around and watched the Bristol night race together instead. Junior came in third, so woot. Not a whole lot going on in general, though. Right now, I'm bumming around the D&D boards for the first time in what seems like forever. I'm not sure why...the very undefined plan to get a group together didn't really pan out, but it was enough to spark a dormant part of my brain. The powergamer part that likes munchkining out min/maxed builds on paper, even if I'll never get to use any of them. Though it will likely never see the light of day, I've got a Changeling Rogue1/Ranger5/MMF7/Chameleon7 (using UA variant classes and a racial substitution level) that would make our nonexistant DM's life miserable. If he wasn't "nonexistant" and all. Whatever.

Tomorrow I gotta do laundry, and try to pack up my uniforms and as much of my office gear as I'm able, just in case I get sent out. I'll be calling them up first thing Monday morning...the storm's gonna hit somewhere, and I'm almost certain they'll have me doing something. Probably the Tech Center, since that's the whole reason they hired me on in the first place, but if not I'll try to be a file examiner or an agent advocate or something. Worst case scenario, I'll just be another adjuster, but hey - it's a paycheck. (Actually a bigger one than working the help rooms, but with my back I'd much rather stick to the office jobs if at all possible). I'll call up Deployment sometime Monday morning and see what they've got lined up for me.

Don't really have a lot else to say, or any plans further out than that. I'm feeling a little more energetic than usual, I suppose, knowing that there's a chance I'll have to drop everything and rush out to who knows where. But the downside is that I almost feel jittery, like I should be doing something despite there being absolutely nothing to do. It'll be damn stressful, that's for sure, but I'm almost looking forward to the 12-16 hour work days (though Biloxi won't provide nearly as gorgeous a backdrop as Fort Lauderdale did). It'd be good to have that feeling of accomplishing something again. And it'd mean the end of my student loans, a new apartment once I get back...and maybe a bike, should the work last for longer than just a month or two.

Meh, fuck this. Imma go play me some Guild Wars. It's always fun to put flaming arrows inside of things. *chuckles*
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