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Now with 3x the news commentary of my usual posts!

Well, we're down to eight planets now. Pluto has been voted out of the solar system by the IAU. And while this isn't the first time something like this has happened...Ceres used to be a planet several hundred years ago, and Pluto's only been in the neighborhood since 1930...I'll admit that it is a little odd to think about. Especially for my parents, who while normally intelligent folks, just can't seem to wrap their mind around possible "new" planets like Charon or Ceres or Xena, or how now Pluto's no longer considered a planet.

For the sake of everyone involved, you'd think they would leave Pluto classified as a planet under some sort of grandfather clause. Just to cut down on the public confusion. But, technically it makes sense to the contrary, and folks will learn to deal with it eventually. Though I am surprised they didn't just add the other three celestial bodies as true planets...seems like that would be the easiest solution.

I think the part that confuses me the most, aside of how it affects one of my most beloved Anime titles, is the new name of "dwarf planet". Everyone's is so adamantly saying that Pluto isn't a planet, yet the new designation is that it is a "dwarf planet". That makes things even more awkward, I think...if all this supposed controversy is over naming conventions, then why add the word "planet" to the new title? Beats me.

In other news, the morning after pill (appropriately named "Plan B") has been cleared for over-the-counter sale. There's still some debate, because the argument's over whether life begins at conception or implantation, but it has no effect on pregnant women unlike the abortion pill that you may have also heard about.

One of the stipulations on it's sale is that the person in question has to be 18+ before they can buy it. That just completely dumbfounded me...ignoring the other argument for a second, just why the hell would they regulate it like that? First off, damn near anyone could go in there and buy it for someone. Same with tobacco and booze and everything else with an age limit. Of course, I'm pretty much against age limits in general, but that's a rant for another day. There's always peer pressure to drink or smoke, but a teenager's full of raging silly age-restriction law's gonna keep them from fucking one another.

But just compare this pill to condoms for a moment, which aren't regulated in the slightest (and in some cases, are passed out freely in Sex Ed classes nationwide). Condoms have to be purchased beforehand, in preperation for sex. You've already got to be planning on doing something wrong. This "morning after" pill is for emergencies, trying to prevent pregnancy in the 72 hours after what could be a mistake. Anyone could get caught up in the moment, do something they otherwise wouldn't do (especially if they were drunk or high at the time), and that's not even going into situations like rape. Condoms encourage teenagers to have sex. They basically have protection against all of the unpleasant concequences, and can persue sexually active lifestyles knowing that they don't have to fear STD's and unwanted pregnancy. This pill isn't encouraging people to have sex...the whole point of a "morning after" pill is that you've already had sex, and are now hoping to stop yourself from becoming pregnant.

I could go on, but I think I've made my point. Politicians slapped an "18+" restriction on this medication, and one can only assume this was to help reduce teenage pregnancies. But the logic is very flawed to say the least. Outlawing contraceptives for teens, especially a "morning after" pill, definitely won't do a damn thing to reduce the chaces of young girls getting pregnant.

Ah well. In a more humorous announcement, I heard tonight that OLN will be changing their station's name to "Versus" in about a month. Yeah, I know, it's a cheap ESPN knockoff. But at least it's better than calling it the "Outdoor Life Network". Used to be all about hunting and fishing and four-wheeling, and stuff like that. Lumberjack competitions and rodeos and things that are all about the Great Outdoors. I used to laugh at rodeos slightly, since nowadays most actually occur indoors. I found it somewhat ironic at the time, though the sport could still be classified as an outdoor one. Then, they started showing NHL hockey, a sport that I don't think I've ever seen played outdoors. Then it was Arena Football. (Doubly amusing because the AFL video game was released at around the same time. The slogan? "Some games are just more fun when played INDOORS!")

Tonight we were watching boxing. I didn't even realize it was OLN at first...though remembering my many previous rants, I had yet another good laugh at their expense. While I do kind of like it how there's so many channels these days that almost any interest can have one based on it, it does bother me when channels like G4TV, OLN, and of course MTV branch off and start showing more and more shows that have absolutely nothing to do with their entire reason for existing. *shrugs*
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