Knight of Mars (sailornash) wrote,
Knight of Mars

Highly Rated

Today begins my week of being a Nielsen TV guy. I get to log everything I watch, and send the raw data in for them to crunch into the stats that determine how "good" a show is.

It just started, so there's not much in the book already. I filled out the name and address and all that in the front section. Skimmed the many, many blank pages in the middle where I'll fill in times and channels and program names into a large, spreadsheet-like grid. And at the very end, there's a blank page asking for thoughts and opinions on television in general.

My first sentence, and I quote: "I hate Reality TV shows with a burning passion more intense than a thousand fiery suns."

Hopefully that helps to get the point across. I also mentioned that I try my best to watch whatever Anime gets shown on television, in the hopes that they bring more series over, and that I never miss an Alabama Crimson Tide game. But instead of just letting it run in the background, I'm going to try and pay more attention this week, and make sure to list the very few decent shows in the hopes that they'll get the attention they deserve.
Tags: opinion, tv

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