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It was Pink, and they called it FANTA.

Normally, I will never post an AIM convo or chat log without the permission of the other folks involved. It's not respectful and it goes against my personal code of ethics.

...but I occasionally make exceptions when people start getting silly.

Session Start (SailorNash:pinksoddaa): Mon Jul 17 22:51:19 2006
[22:51] pinksoddaa: yay!
[22:51] pinksoddaa: yay!
[22:51] pinksoddaa: im stalking you
[22:51] SailorNash: ?
[22:51] pinksoddaa: :(
[22:51] pinksoddaa: fine....i wont
[22:51] SailorNash: who is this?
[22:52] pinksoddaa: someone you dont know
[22:52] pinksoddaa: O_o;
[22:52] SailorNash: apparently.
[22:52] pinksoddaa: you can guess my name though!
[22:52] SailorNash: Pink Soda. But you can't be Alan =P
[22:52] pinksoddaa: you want me to be alan?
[22:52] SailorNash: no
[22:52] pinksoddaa: do you like sailormoon?
[22:53] SailorNash: *nods*
[22:53] pinksoddaa: :D!!!!!!!!
[22:53] pinksoddaa: can i be your friend sailornash
[22:54] SailorNash: I usually try not to make friends with stalkers. Any last words before I hit the "block" button?
[22:54] pinksoddaa: that was slightly mean -_-;
[22:55] SailorNash: "direct" would be a better word, I think.
[22:55] pinksoddaa: i guess....
[22:56] pinksoddaa: its your choice, so i wont stop you
[22:56] SailorNash: *shrugs* well, nice meeting you, I guess.
Session Close (pinksoddaa): Mon Jul 17 22:58:46 2006

I logged soon afterwards, to avoid any "ZOMG why u block me? :( " comments from other screennames when I eventually went through with it. But I still got a kick out of that, as you can likely tell.

No moral to this story, except maybe that if I don't know you from somewhere else, I ain't gonna be all that very talkative. I usually don't InstaBlock folks either, but I've had too many stalkers in the past to put up with completely unknown folks who randomly IM me out of the blue. At best I keep enemies at bay. At worst, I was a very mild annoyance to some thirteen-year-old girl that saw the word "Sailor" in my name and wanted to chat about how cute Chibi-Usa is. *chuckles*

Goin' ta bed now. Got to wake up early in the morning and do...absolutely nothing. But I gotta go somewhere else and not do that here. Stay cool, and see y'all later.
Tags: aim convos, stupid people
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