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I think it's kind of funny, I think it's kind of sad.

Had another effed-up dream last night.

See, I got this big-ass bed, the kind that's normally meant for more than one person. And since I am just one person, it's much bigger than I need anymore. But, I got the bad habit of making use of this space, stretching out to waste as much room as possible. Though I toss and turn when I sleep, I usually at least start off by taking a nose-dive and flopping down, arms and legs sprawled out at random.

Normally, that wouldn't be important for shit. But, in my dream I was in the same position. It was this real dark room, kinda like one of those transdimensional spaces in various anime where everything's pitch black except the floor. Just me sprawled out, face down in my bed, and nothing else. Except this kinda greyish, wispy smoke that just made things seem darker and emptier and more mysterious. I guess it was symbolic of be actually bein' asleep, cause that's the feeling I got from it all. There, but detatched and unaware and unable to see or react to anything.

Then, I was suddenly chained down to the bed by these heavy logging chains. Couldn't move a damn muscle. From all sides, these guys slowly walked up and surrounded me. No one in particular, just large, strong men. Who all then started savagely beating me to death with hammers. Not claw hammers, but ones like fucking Mjolnir. Giant dwarven warhammers or almost comically-sized, two-handed mauls. And though I was awake by this point, obviously, I was face down in the bed and chained down so that I can't move, so I just laid there and took it for what seemed like an eternity. Till they all stopped in unison just as suddenly as they originally started.

With everyone still smirking down at me, looming over me, one more man showed up. Like the rest, I couldn't see who it was, but he walked over to my right side, grinned, and smashed me in the back of my skull with a sledgehammer. Splat. Dream over. The mob had already crushed every inch of my body from my shoulders down to my feet, and then this guy put a bloody exclamation point on the whole beating.

. . .

Why can't I just dream about Victoria's Secret models or whatever it is that normal guys spend all night thinkin' of?
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