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I'm Here!

Doncha just HATE it when you drive through the parking lot in circles for ten minutes, looking for a spot, almost hitting folks stupid enough to jump out in front of you after dark, and finally get a space way back in the middle of nowhere? What's even worse is when you do all of that, and then after walking all the way to the building through the cold, the dark, the wet, you pass no less than a DOZEN parking spots....all of which are directly beside the building that you need to go to. GRRR! It's just adding insult to injury. Oh well. I just got the absolute sweetest away message from my baby, so everything's okay. Laura, how do you always know just how to make me so very happy? ::smiles:: I just hope that no one else tries to IM her between now and then, or else it's kneecap-breakin' time!!
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