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Photopost time!

Been meaning to do this for a while, but I never bothered to configure my phone to upload cell pics directly to elJay. Ah well...Tiff and Julia were asking for the pics I snapped from IHOP last week, so I figured I'd upload those as well as the other ones I had on my cameraphone while I was there. a large black man a large black man

Matt's Birthday. If the whole singing waiter thing wasn't bad enough, this restaraunt had a quite possibly gay black man that seemed a little over-eager to do his job. After he left, there was an awkward silence. "So", I asked with my trademark sarcastic smirk. "You ever been serenaded by a large black man before?"
Communist Propoganda Communist Propoganda

I saw this at a Chinese place I often eat at. You'd expect this to have pictures of, I dunno, China? Or at least some vaguely Asian-themed pictures from random countries in that area. But looking at this, the first thing I noticed was that it was a Chinese calendar showing pictures of Russia for some odd reason...
Poor Boy's door lock Poor Boy's door lock

Me and James were hanging out in a parking lot at around 3am one night/morning when I saw this. Someone jabed a screwdriver through the driprail of his old, beat-up Ford truck to lock it. Or maybe to hold the damn thing closed...I'm not entirely sure. Only in Alabama, people...
Exit, or No Exit? Exit, or No Exit?

A random snapshot from a doctor's office. You'd think that a professional place like that would be a little more...what's the word? Organized?

(And this pic didn't show the entire door. I remember there being at least two more conflicting signs all on this one doorway.)
First Wiring Job First Wiring Job

Just a quickie from my first successful project. Or, at least part of it. We hooked a wireless antenna to an existing network, shot it across a parking lot, ran some cable from the reciever, through a wall, and plugged in a switch. Took a while, but I got it mounted up as nicely and neatly as could be done given the circumstances...besides, this is a middle-school gym, not a server room for some huge chemical company or what have you.
I was drunk, okay? I was drunk, okay?

Me, at a party, doing the stereotypical lampshade-on-the-head thing. I never understood what the point of that was. I never expected to do it. I don't really even remember what happened. But it makes for an amusing picture nevertheless.
Kaiju Cake Kaiju Cake

Mo's cake for his birthday two years ago. Behold the giant monsters ravaging the edible Tokyo landscape!
Real "French" Fries

Yes, I went to Paris and ordered a Le Royale with Cheese. Turns out that Samuel L. Jackson was right after all...heh
Hand-Me Downs Hand-Me Downs

We were all bowling, right? Well, somehow Tiff and another girl traded pants...which, of course, had both girls making cracks about "I'm in your pants!"

Long story short, she stole Spork's jacket, my Bubba Gump hat, someone else's shirt and several other things. This was the end result...I think it all kind of fits in rather well, considering the very unusual people she grabbed random items from.
Happy B-day, Mo! Happy B-day, Mo!

Another pic from Mauricio's party. He looks like he's having fun, huh?
Pancake Hat! Pancake Hat!

I'll have to let Chibi explain this one to you. For some reason, she put a pancake on her head, butter and all, in the middle of IHOP. We all added various items to her new choice of headgear, and she kept it there the entire night. Paid the cashier, walked out the door, and everything with a perfect poker face.

Yes, I hang out with some VERY strange and unusual (though highly amusing) peoples. ^_^
Pancake Hat! Pancake Hat!

Julia's still wearing the pancake on her head. I don't know how she managed to keep it up there the entire night, especially when the butter started to melt under the overhead lights...
Saber Tower Saber Tower

Not much to do in the hours waiting for the Star Wars Episode III premier. So, we all had to keep ourselves occupied somehow. Here, one guy's gathering all the lightsabers from everyone and building a tower out of them. Why? No reason.
Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials

After September 11th, you know that there's going to be all sorts of regulations to make sure terrorists don't send bombs or anthrax or whatever through the mail. And several things have always been hazardous...several of which can be seen in this picture I found taped to a desk at the Post Office.

But who in their right mind would ever try to mail a SCORPION, of all things?
X-rated Animal Crackers X-rated Animal Crackers

I suppose there's not a whole lot to do when you're trapped in a box for God only knows how long...heh. I opened some to find this one nookie cookie, and snapped a pic just for the hell of it.

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