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Random Video-Game Linkage

First off, thank you northlander72 for subjecting me to the mental trauma that is Johnny Turbo. For some reason, I must have missed that gap in my childhood geekery, despite remembering the Turbo-Grafix 16 days. I can remember Bonk, and even remembered briefly thinking as to what the Turbo dudes were gonna do once their mascot character was ported over to the Genesis. (Just seemed to break taboo, kind of like seeing Sonic on a NES.)

For anyone interested in advertising, comics, or video games, you gotta read this. The first two eps are mind-blowingly bad. It's the kind of propaganda that you rarely see, plus the "comic" itself is horrendous. And the third one is so....well...words just can't even describe it. All you can really say is:

(Also, if I didn't already have several "WTF" icons, I'd turn this picture into one in a heartbeat.) *smirk*

For a less homoerotic yet equally amusing video-game related set of links, lemme briefly summarize the recent battle me and illegalsanity had over AIM:

Danika: NASHY! Lookit!
Nash: Oh yeah? Well, I'll call your Mario with Ultimate Utopia XXIII, and raise you a Real-Life Tetris.
Danika: Dani-chan for the win!
Nash: *bows down*

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